Neurology News

Global Survey of Management of Severe Paediatric Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in LMIC

17 Sep 2019

With the recent publication of the "Management of Pediatric Severe Traumatic Brain Injury: 2019 Consensus and Guidelines-Based Algorithm for First and Second Tier Therapies", the British Columbia Children's Hospital aim to explore the current practice of severe paediatric TBI management in resource-limited settings and the ability to implement them. 


AAN 2020 International Scholarship Award

10 Sep 2019

AAN 2020 International Scholarship Award applications will be accepted beginning September 3, 2019


Map of broken brain networks shows why people lose speech in language-based dementia

1 Sep 2019

Scientists have pinpointed the location of dysfunctional brain networks that lead to impaired sentence production and word finding in primary progressive aphasia (PPA), a form of dementia in which patients often lose their language rather than their memory or thought process.

WHO launches global registry on human genome editing

29 Aug 2019

A WHO expert advisory committee has approved the first phase of a new global registry to track research on human genome editing. The 18-member committee also announced an online consultation on the governance of genome editing.

AAN issues guidelines for treatment of migraine in children and teens

14 Aug 2019

For children and teens with migraine, the pain and symptoms that accompany migraine attacks can be debilitating, resulting in missed school days, absence from social or sporting events, and affected home activities. Now the American Academy of Neurology (AAN) and the American Headache Society have developed two guidelines that include recommendations for preventing and treating migraine in children and teens. 

Intensive blood pressure control may slow age-related brain damage

13 Aug 2019

NIH-funded imaging study shows link between blood pressure and white matter lesions. These initial results support a growing body of evidence suggesting that controlling blood pressure may not only reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease but also of age-related cognitive loss.

HD Patients Prefer Less Invasive, No-Placebo Gene Therapy Trials, Survey Says

8 Aug 2019

Eligible Huntington’s disease patients would likely participate in a gene therapy trial regardless of the study design, but they are more inclined toward those with less invasive interventions and without a placebo group, a questionnaire-based study suggests.

EEG Can Help Predict Neurologic Outcomes After Cardiac Arrest

8 Aug 2019

Researchers found that EEG initiated rapidly following cardiac arrest and continued for up to five days can reliably predict the neurological outcome of a coma. 

Dyskinesia Study Shows PKG Wearable Device Objectively Detects Motor Fluctuations

26 Jul 2019

A wearable motion-tracking device called Personal KinetiGraph (PKG) objectively and effectively assesses Parkinson’s-related motor fluctuations, researchers report.

Migraine in the United States: Updates in Epidemiology

25 Jul 2019

This year, at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Headache Society (AHS), several abstracts were presented that discussed the epidemiology and treatment patterns of migraine in the United States. These studies highlighted the discrepancy between the high prevalence of migraine and the use of non-specific medications to treat acute migraine attacks in the outpatient, emergency, and hospital settings.