CME Accreditation and Endorsement

The WFN Continuum CME programme consists of 43 participating countries.  The eligibility is based in the countries income.

An education coordinator, appointed by the local neurological society, is responsible for the organisation of the programme in their country.  Coordinator led discussion groups enhance the effectiveness of the courses giving individuals the opportunity to emphasize the relevance of the courses to their daily clinical practice.

Continuum is generously donated to the programme by the American Academy of Neurology and comprises of interactive courses on-line or for countries where web-based facilities are limited, member countries receive two free mailings a year of three titles of Continuum.    The progress of the programme in each country is monitored by the WFN through participant evaluations.  Through these evaluations yearly certificates are generated.

The WFN CME programme offers itself to countries where there is a need for neurological educational material and in some cases limited resources. To date there are forty-three countries participating in the programme. Through this training neurological teams globally have enhanced their skills as well as being made aware of new techniques, best practices and treatments.

Participating countries and their coordinators are listed below:

  • Argentina (Dr. Daniel Zuin)
  • Bangladesh (Dr Md Azharul Hoque)
  • Brazil (Dr Ricardo Nitrini)
  • Bulgaria (Assoc.Prof. Ekaterina Titinova)
  • Cameroon (Dr Alfred K. Njamnshi)
  • Chile (Dr Walter Feuerhake Molina)
  • Congo DRC (Dr Pierre Luabeya)
  • Croatia (Prof. Dr Slava Podobnik-Sarkanji)
  • Cuba (Prof. Reinaldo Mustelier)
  • Cyprus (Dr Christodoulos Messis)
  • Czech Republic (Assoc.Prof Otakar Keller)
  • Egypt (Prof. Dr Mohamed El-Tamawy)
  • Ethiopia (Dr Seid Ali Gugsa)
  • Guatemala 1 (Dr Luis Salguero)
  • Guatemala 2 (Dr Henry B Stokes)
  • Honduras (Prof. Marco Tulio Medina)
  • Hungary (Dr Anita Kamondi)
  • India (Prof. Sarosh Katrak)
  • Iraq (Prof.Dr Khalil Shaikhly)
  • Jordan (Dr Khalid A. Al-Hourani)
  • Kenya (Dr Juzer Hooker)
  • Lebanon (Dr Fadi Abou Mrad)
  • Lithuania (Dr Dalius Jatuzis)
  • Macedonia (Prof.Dr Snezana Vlaski-Jekic)
  • Mexico (Dr Lila Nunez-Orozco)
  • Nigeria (Dr Ikenna O. Onwuekwe)
  • Panama (Dr Fernando Gracia)
  • Peru (Dr Oscar Gonzales)
  • Romania (Dr Cristina Tiu)
  • Russia (Dr Alla Guekht)
  • Serbia & Montenegro (Dr Jelena Drulovic)
  • Slovenia (Dr Simon Podnar)
  • Sri Lanka (Dr M T M Riffsy)
  • Syria (Dr Ahmed Khalifa)
  • Tunisia (Prof. Najoua Miladi)
  • Turkey (Prof. Dr Aksel Siva)
  • Uganda (Dr Edward Ddumba)
  • Uruguay (Dr Hugo Tarigo)
  • Vietnam (Dr Nguyen Huu Cong)
  • Venezuela (Dr Simon Starosta)
  • Yemen (Dr Jorge Rubio)
  • Zambia (Prof. Masharip Atadzhanov)