WNU 2024

WFN Digital Neurology Update (WNU 2024)

On Thursday 26 and Friday 27 September 2024, the first WFN Neurology Update (WNU) 2024 will take place. This is a virtual 2-day meeting, which will give an update on the most prevalent neurological diseases in the morning, and add teaching courses in the afternoon. It will be virtual, and can be accessed either live or upon request. 

This commitment for a neurology update is new, and also serves to fill the gap between the biennial World Congresses of Neurology (WCNs). As at the WCN, the WFN will continue virtual access to our meetings, as the reach of the WFN meetings has increased and reached 132 countries at the most recent WCN XXVI, which was both in-person and virtual.