WFN Medals – Award Recipients

Ted Munsat Award

The Ted Munsat Award is a joint AAN and WFN award that recognises an individual's educational contributions to the WFN. Nominations may be made by WFN Member societies or by individual members of a Member Society. The proposer should write a citation of no more than 300 words in support of the nomination.

The awardee will be decided upon by the WFN Trustees and will be awarded the Ted Munsat Prize of 1000 USD, and a certificate during the World Congress of Neurology.



Award Recipients


Prof William Howlett



Prof. William Howlett (Tanzania)


Professor Erich Schmutzhard


Prof. Erich Schmutzhard (Austria)


Sarosh Katrak


Prof. Sarosh Katrak (India)


 Professor Tissa Wijeratne

Prof. Tissa Wijeratne (Australia)


 Professor Walter Struhal


Prof. Walter Struhal (Austria)