Neurological Department Visits 

Due to the current COVID-19 Global pandemic the training programme may have to be cancelled/postponed at short notice.

WFN Department Visit Programmes give the opportunity to young neurologists from Africa or Central and South America to visit the Neurological Departments of another institution outside of their home country for 4 to 6 weeks.

The department visit programmes are made possible through cooperation between the WFN and national neurological societies and help to cultivate young neurologists' experience of national neurological systems in an international environment, meet new colleagues and foster future cooperation between the countries, universities, hospitals and departments.

2023 Applications

WFN – Austrian Neurological Society (OEGN): Department Visit Program in Austria 2023
[Deadline for submissions: 10 May 2023]

WFN – German Neurological Society (DGN): Department Visit Program in Germany 2023
[Deadline for submissions: 8 May 2023]

WFN – Indian Academy of Neurology (IAN): Department Visit Program in India 2023
[Deadline for submissions: 10 April 2023]


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