Soriano Award Lectures

The Fulton Society, Victor and Clara Soriano, and the Soriano Lectureship, are endowed lectures presented at the World Congresses of Neurology.

John Farquhar Fulton (1899-1960) was chair of physiology at Yale, and established the first primate physiology laboratory in the USA. One of his students was an Uruguayan neurologist, Victor Soriano, who completed a neurophysiology fellowship with Fulton. Victor and his wife Clara devoted their lives to the pursuit of neurological sciences and established numerous symposia and also the International Journal of Neurology. They founded the Fulton Society and endowed the Soriano Lectureship at the World Federation of Neurology.

The first WFN endowed lecture was made possible by a grant to the WFN from Victor and Clara Soriano. The symposium during which the Soriano Lecture takes place is known as the Fulton Society Symposium.


The Fulton Society Symposium - Soriano Lecture

New Delhi 1989 Albert J. Aguayo (Canada)  
Vancouver 1993 Rita Levi-Montalcini (Italy) The Modulatory Role of NGF in the Nervous, Endocrine and Immune Systems
Buenos Aires 1997 Roger N. Rosenberg (USA) The Future of Gene Therapy for Neurological Disease
London 2001 Olle Lindvall (Sweden) Transplantation in Clinical Practice
Sydney 2005 Colin Masters (Australia) Therapeutic and Diagnostic Strategies Targeting Abeta amyloid in Alzheimer's disease
Bangkok 2009 Alastair Compston (UK) Immunogenetics and Epidemiology of Multiple Sclerosis
Marrakesh 2011 Hidehiro Mizusawa (Japan) Motor Neuron and Motor Neuron Disease
Vienna 2013 John Hardy (UK) Impact of genetics on the field of neurology
Chile 2015

Giacomo Rizzolatti (Italy)

The Mirror Mechanism and Its Clinical Relevance
Japan 2017

Susumu Tonegawa (Japan)

Monitoring and Engineering Memory Engram Cells and their Circuits


Victor and Clara Soriano Award Lecture

Vancouver 1993 Richard T. Johnson (USA) Emerging Infections of the Nervous System
Buenos Aires 1997 Stanley B. Prusiner (USA) Prions and Neurological Disorders
London 2001 Francis Collins (Bethesda, USA) The Human Genome Project
Sydney 2005 Bert Sakmann (Germany) Ion Channel Physiology and Network Connectivity in the Brain, especially as relating to Epilepsy
Bangkok 2009 Vladimir Hachinski (Canada) Stroke: A Global Agenda
Marrakesh 2011 Christian E. Elger (Germany) Key Questions in Epileptology
Vienna 2013 Werner Hacke (Germany) Recanalization in Acute Ischemic Stroke
Chile 2015 Mark Hallett (UK) The Physiology of Will
Japan 2017 Edvard I. Moser (Norway) Grid cells and the Medial-Entorhinal Space Network