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The WFN Education Committee website has developed rapidly in the past months, since its establishment at the WCN 2011 in Marrakech. The aim of this section is

  • To facilitate the work of the committee and staff, restricted to staff and committee members
  • Offerings and applications to participate
  • Program accreditation and co-sponsorship

The Education portfolio currently includes opportunities for pre-graduate and pre-medical students, neurology residents and young neurologists.  Its aims are to:

  • work with individuals, institutions and professional organisations
  • provide World Congress of Neurology (WCN) teaching courses planned by the Teaching Course Committee
  • Coordinate the AAN-WFN Continuum Education Programme
  • a page for residents and young neurologists (also on Twitter)
  • regional programs worldwide
  • grants
  • a students' Landing page

The Education Committee have developed Standard Operating Procedures in:

  • Teaching Centres
  • WCN Teaching Courses
  • Sub-specialty Endorsement
  • Department Visits
  • Education Grant Monitoring
  • Junior Travelling Fellowships


Click here for more information about WFN Education Programs


Should you want recognition at your Teaching Centre, Department or Sub-Specialty course, please contact the Executive Office for further information. 

In development is a password protected section of the website for members and sub-committees.

We hope you will be using this part of the website and are grateful for any suggestions and comments.


Dr Steven Lewis MD
Prof. Wolfgang Grisold