WFN Finance Committee

Chair: Prof. Mustapha El Alaoui Faris



Committee member Region
Christopher Chen Asia Oceania
Richard Stark Asia Oceania
Pierre Fayad North America
Agnon Balogou Pan Africa
Jeanine Heckmann Pan Africa
Chokri Mirhi Pan Arab
Morris Freedman Ex Officio - WFN Treasurer - North America
Laura Druce Secretariat



The Finance committee is a constitutional committee monitoring, reviewing and advising on the financial state of the WFN to ensure sound management. The committee also seeks to maintain and improve the financial health of the WFN by monitoring and reviewing performance against budget, recommending the annual plan and budget in respect (and in advance) of each financial year, and suggesting any action necessary to ensure that the WFN remains within the annual budget approved by the Trustees. 

The finance committee assesses the longer-term strategies planned by the WFN. The committee may be asked to advise in audit and tax matters. The Committee is responsible for reviewing the WFN’s compliance with statutory requirements of the UK Charity Commission.