WFN Nominating Committee

Chair: Prof. Raad Shakir CBE



Committee member Region
Ryuji Kaji Asia-Oceania (Japan)
Günther Deuschl Europe (Germany)
Teresa Corona Latin America (Mexico)
James Stevens North America (USA)
Amadou Gallo Diop Pan Africa (Senegal)
Sarah Mosbah El-Sadig Pan Africa (Sudan)
Laura Druce WFN Secretariat



The Nominating Committee is responsible for the process of nominating candidates for election to positions on the Board of Trustees in compliance with Charity Commission and Company law. The committee members consider the needs of the WFN when identifying or reviewing independent candidate nominations, mindful of the balance of skills, knowledge, experience, geographical diversity, age, and gender required for the leadership of the WFN.

The Committee is formed and appointed by the Board of Trustees and comprises at least three individuals representing the WFN regions, and who are independent of the Board of Trustees and WFN committees in their work.

The functions of the Nominating Committee are defined in the WFN Memorandum and Articles of Association

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