WFN Specialty Groups Committee

Chair: Prof. Dr Mohammad Wasay



Committee member Region
Shoji Tsuji Asia-Oceania
Roser Velasco Fargas Europe
Eva Feldman North America
Osheik Seidi Pan-Africa
Minerva López Ruiz Ex Officio - WFN Co-opted Trustee
Jade Levy WFN Secretariat


About WFN Specialty Groups

The World Federation of Neurology (WFN) Specialty Groups (SG) serves as a global forum for neurology subspecialties where a global organisation in the same subspecialty does not exist; when they do, the SGs are asked to affiliate with those organizations rather than with the WFN.

SGs support global research in the respective areas and are involved in educational activities of the WFN as well as in the biennial WFN congresses. The WFN trustees determine the degree of a group's continued involvement in the WFN necessary to maintain its status as a WFN SG. This includes an annual report of activities; an annual financial report; annual submission of a Conflict of Interest form by the chair of the group; and election of new members at least every four years.

Moreover, WFN expects that the SG will provide reports for World Neurology and maintain its website up-to-date in cooperation with the WFN office.