Residents and Young Neurologists

The interests of residents and young neurologists are represented within WFN by the International Working Group of Young Neurologists and Trainees (IWGYNT).

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Advocate residents and young neurologists interests worldwide within the activities of WFN 


  • Represent residents and young neurologists interests and initiatives with a single voice;
  • Establish networking between young neurologists;
  • Support international training exchange.

Representing young neurologists interests and initiatives with a single voice

IWGYNT was founded with the aim to represent residents and young neurologists worldwide and currently covering 4 continents: Africa, Asia, Australia/New Zealand and Europe.

IWGYNT wants to provide collective feedback on educational activities or projects. We will collect young neurologists viewpoints through regional delegates from each continent (see below).

On invitation of the past education committee chair W. Grisold, IWGYNT was invited to send one delegate to the education committee (elected: W. Struhal). In addition IWGYNT provides a platform to bring initiatives on a worldwide scale.

Establishing networking between young neurologists

We are currently present on facebook. In addition we are setting up databases of young neurologists in several regions and try to interconnect them.

To support international exchange, IWGYNT will collect data on exchange programmes and grants and will publish this information here.

If you are a young neurologist and you are interested in the work of IWGYNT, on an international exchange or any other topic of relevance, please see the IWGYNT section on the WFN site or visit the IWGNYT facebook page.



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