2024 Elections: Candidate Statement for WFN Elected Trustee

Brian Sweeney (Ireland)

Brian Sweeney
Brian Sweeney

Thank you for considering my application to be a trustee of the WFN. I would like to highlight the following in my personal statement.

  1. Commitment to Neurology: I have had a lifelong commitment to neurology as a clinician and educator. Having trained in medicine and neurology in Ireland and the UK, i returned home to Ireland in 1996 as one of 3 neurologists in my province.
  2. Educational Initiatives:  I have been a teacher all my working life, and as an administrator as the National Specialty Director of Neurology for the RCPI, a member of the Specialist Certificate Examination committee of the  Association of British Neurologists (ABN) and RCP, UK and as a member of the UEMS. I have had the privilege of training and working with neurologists from all over the world - Europe, North and South America, Australia/New Zealand, Asia and Africa. 
  3. Leadership Experience: I have been the senior neurologist in my region of Ireland, National Lead for Neurology for the HSE, Ireland, National Specialty Director for Neurology Training and Dean of the IICN. 
  4. Global Perspective: My experience of working in and trying to develop an understaffed and underfunded neurology service in Ireland in the 1990s to the 2020s gives me insight into the challenges facing neurology worldwide in the 21st century - amazing diagnostic and therapeutic developments  in areas like stroke, neuroinflammation, neuroradiology and genetics on one hand with major challenges providing the staffing and other resources to allow people with neurological illness to access these innovations on the other.
  5. Innovative Vision: my vision is for Neurology to keep its clinical soul whilst embracing new technologies such as AI to better provide care to our patients and their families.