WFN 2024 Elections: Candidates

WFN 2024 Elections

For the upcoming election of a trustee at the virtual COD meeting in September, the Nomination Committee of the WFN, chaired by Prof. Raad Shakir1, has reviewed all applications and has the following recommendation:

They are listed below in alphabetic order.

  1. Fernando Cendes, Brazil
  2. Valery Feigin, New Zealand
  3. Miguel Osorno, Mexico
  4. Brian Sweeney, Ireland
  5. Barbara Tettenborn, Switzerland
  6. Tissa Wijeratne, Sri Lanka.


The statement of these individuals will be published in an upcoming issue of World Neurology, and will be available on the WFN website.

The voting process will be announced in due course, and will be accompanied with detailed instructions.

The deadline for nominations was March 15, 2024. Nominations made after this deadline are still possible: To nominate another individual—who must be a member of a WFN member society—the nominee must obtain the supporting signatures of five or more authorised WFN delegates, together with a CV and a letter of agreement to stand. This must be submitted to the Secretary General c/o the WFN headquarters at no later than 30 days prior to the start of electronic voting. Deadline for additional nominations will be Friday, 26 July 2024, 30 days from the start of electronic voting, which will occur over three weeks starting August 26, 2024.


  1. Professor Raad Shakir CBE FRCP, is Chair of the nominations committee, and a past president of the WFN.