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Rosa Velasco Fargas

Toxic Neuropathies in Cancer Patient

Roser Velasco MD, PhD

Roser Velasco MD, PhD, is Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Barcelona. She is a neurologist specialized in Neurooncology and exercises her clinical activity at the Unit of Neuro-Oncology in the University Hospital of Bellvitge-Catalan Institute of Oncology since 2010.

Her area of clinical research is in the field of peripheral neurotoxicity due to antineoplastic treatments. Her group is focused on identifying clinical, neurophysiological and serum biomarkers to early recognize peripheral neurotoxicity by anticancer therapies. Her extensive experience is evidenced by numerous published papers (>60), review articles, book chapters, participation, and leadership in funded projects.

She is past president of the Neuro-oncology study group of the Spanish Society of Neurology