JNS-cover.jpgJournal of Neurological Sciences

Vol 410 | 15 March 2020

Review Articles

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Mixed dementia: Neglected clinical entity or nosographic artifice?

Fabio Fierini

Maintenance immunosuppression in myasthenia gravis, an update

John Morren, Yuebing Li

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Prevalence and clinical correlates of non-convulsive status epilepticus in elderly patients with acute confusional state: A systematic literature review

Francesco Manfredonia, Eleonora Saturno, Andrew Lawley, Sabrina Gasverde, Andrea E. Cavanna

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Therapeutic effects of forced exercise cycling in individuals with Parkinson's disease

Daniel G. Miner, Adrian Aron, Emily DiSalvo


Basic Research Papers

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An initial experience of machine learning based on multi-sequence texture parameters in magnetic resonance imaging to differentiate glioblastoma from brain metastases

Machiko Tateishi, Takeshi Nakaura, Mika Kitajima, Hiroyuki Uetani, Masataka Nakagawa, Taihei Inoue, Jun-ichiro Kuroda, Akitake Mukasa, Yasuyuki Yamashita

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Extended release levodopa at bedtime as a treatment for nocturiain Parkinson's disease: An open label study

Livia Brusa, Viviana Ponzo, Alessandro Stefani, Roberto Ceravolo, Giovanni Palermo, Enrico Finazzi Agrò, Fabio Viselli, Maria Concetta Altavista, Cesare Iani, Fabrizio Stocchi, Paolo Stanzione, Carmine Vitale

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Can semantic fluency be used as an alternative or additional measure in the abbreviated Minimal Assessment of Cognitive Function in Multiple Sclerosis (aMACFIMS)?

Elizabeth S. Gromisch, Frederick W. Foley

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Technical success rate and safety of radiologically inserted gastrostomy versus percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy in motor neuron disease patients undergoing: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Tian-wen Yuan, Yang He, Sai-bo Wang, Peng Kong, Jun Cao

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Immune-inflammatory, metabolic and hormonal biomarkers are associated with the clinical forms and disability progression in patients with multiple sclerosis: A follow-up study

Wildéa Lice de Carvalho Jennings Pereira, Tamires Flauzino, Daniela Frizon Alfieri, Sayonara Rangel Oliveira, Ana Paula Kallaur, Andrea Name Colado Simão, Marcell Alysson Batisti Lozovoy, Damacio Ramón Kaimen-Maciel, Michael Maes, Edna Maria Vissoci Reiche

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Determinants of age at onset in a Portuguese cohort of autosomal dominant spastic paraplegia

Rita Rodrigues, Renata Silva, Mariana Branco, Eva Brandão, Isabel Alonso, Luís Ruano, José Leal Loureiro

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Health related quality of life in Friedreich Ataxia in a large heterogeneous cohort

Emily Xiong, Abigail E. Lynch, Louise A. Corben, Martin B. Delatycki, S.H. Subramony, Khalaf Bushara, Christopher M. Gomez, J. Chad Hoyle, Grace Yoon, Bernard Ravina, Katherine D. Mathews, George Wilmot, Theresa Zesiewicz, M. Susan Perlman, Jennifer M. Farmer, Christian Rummey, David R. Lynch

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Review of rituximab in primary CNS lymphoma

Pawan K. Singh, Edward Pan

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A visual rating scale for cingulate island sign on 18F-FDG-PET to differentiate dementia with Lewy bodies and Alzheimer's disease

Le Gjerum, Kristian Steen Frederiksen, Otto Mølby Henriksen, Ian Law, Lasse Anderberg, Birgitte Bo Andersen, Eva Bjerregaard, Anne-Mette Hejl, Peter Høgh, Steen Gregers Hasselbalch

Neurophysiologic and ophthalmic markers of chemotherapy-related cognitive impairment in patients diagnosed with hematologic cancer: A feasibility study

David E. Anderson, Sachin Kedar, Vijaya R. Bhatt, Kendra Schmid, Sarah A. Holstein, Matthew Rizzo

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Characteristics of oscillatory pallidal neurons in patients with Parkinson's disease

Detao Meng, Ping Zhuang, Mark Hallett, Yuqing Zhang, Jianyu Li, Yongsheng Hu, Yongjie Li

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A contemporary and comprehensive analysis of the costs of stroke in the United States

Tarun Girotra, Alain Lekoubou, Kinfe G. Bishu, Bruce Ovbiagele

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Repeated follow-up of AQP4-IgG titer by cell-based assay in neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders (NMOSD)

Tetsuya Akaishi, Toshiyuki Takahashi, Ichiro Nakashima, Michiaki Abe, Tadashi Ishii, Masashi Aoki, Kazuo Fujihara

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Predicting major neurologic improvement and long-term outcome after thrombolysis using artificial neural networks

Chen-Chih Chung, Chien-Tai Hong, Yao-Hsien Huang, Emily Chia-Yu Su, Lung Chan, Chaur-Jong Hu, Hung-Wen Chiu

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Concurrent treatment with intratympanic dexamethasone improves facial nerve recovery in Ramsay Hunt syndrome

Akira Inagaki, Toshiya Minakata, Sachiyo Katsumi, Shingo Murakami

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Rapid picture naming in Parkinson's disease using the Mobile Universal Lexicon Evaluation System (MULES)

Jenna Conway, Marissa Ilardi, Caroline Gonzalez, Natalie Dahan, Samuel Fallon, Nicholas Moehringer, Lisena Hasanaj, Binu Joseph, Liliana Serrano, John-Ross Rizzo, Janet C. Rucker, Andrew Feigin, Steven Frucht, Steven L. Galetta, Laura J. Balcer

Meningitis without meningeal irritation signs: What are the alerting clinical markers?

Avi Fellner, Lilach Goldstein, Itay Lotan, Ophir Keret, Israel Steiner

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Deciphering anti-MOG IgG antibodies: Clinical and radiological spectrum, and comparison of antibody detection assays

John S. Tzartos, Katerina Karagiorgou, Dimitrios Tzanetakos, Marianthi Breza, Maria Eleftheria Evangelopoulos, Sygkliti-Henrietta Pelidou, Christos Bakirtzis, Ioannis Nikolaidis, Georgios Koutsis, Konstantinos Notas, Elisabeth Chroni, Ioannis Markakis, Nikolaos C. Grigoriadis, Maria Anagnostouli, Anastasios Orologas, Dimitrios Parisis, Theodoros Karapanayiotides, Dimitra Papadimitriou, Vasiliki Kostadima, John Elloul, Iosif Xidakis, Thomas Maris, Paraskevi Zisimopoulou, Socrates Tzartos, Costas Kilidireas

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Attenuation of paraquat-induced inflammation by inhibitors of phosphorylation of mitogen-activated protein kinases in BV2 microglial cells

Yong-Ling Wang, Jing Zheng, Xiao-Feng Zhang, Yang Zhang

Influence of oral anticoagulation on stroke severity and outcomes: A propensity score matching case-control study

J. Rodríguez-Pardo, A. Plaza Herráiz, L. Lobato-Pérez, M. Ramírez-Torres, I. De Lorenzo, M. Alonso de Leciñana, E. Díez-Tejedor, B. Fuentes


Clinical Short Communications

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Excessive daytime sleepiness is associated to the development of swallowing impairment in a cohort of early stage drug naïve Parkinson's disease patients

Massimo Marano, Deepak Gupta, Francesco Motolese, Mariagrazia Rossi, Vitaliana Luccarelli, Claudia Altamura, Vincenzo Di Lazzaro

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Does post-operative symptomatic lead edema associated with subthalamic DBS implantation impact long-term clinical outcomes?

Vibhash D. Sharma, Kelly E. Lyons, Jules M. Nazzaro, Rajesh Pahwa

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Riluzole-induced interstitial lung disease is a rare and potentially life-threatening adverse event successfully treated with high-dose steroid therapy: Case reports and review of the literature

Yuji Saitoh, Yohei Aoshima, Taiji Mukai, Hiroki Abe, Hajime Ariga, Madoka Mori-Yoshimura, Tomoko Okamoto, Yuji Takahashi

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Validation of a rapid and easy-to-perform screening test for neurocognitive impairment in HIV+ patients

Heloise Joly, Matteo Vassallo, Margaux Issaurat, Roxane Fabre, Christian Pradier, Christine Lebrun-Frenay


Letters to the Editor

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Charcot–Marie–Tooth disease with a mutation in FBLN5 accompanying with the small vasculitis and widespread onion-bulb formations

Yuko Yamagishi, Makoto Samukawa, Motoi Kuwahara, Kazuo Takada, Kazumasa Saigoh, Yoshiyuki Mitsui, Nobuyuki Oka, Akihiro Hashiguchi, Hiroshi Takashima, Susumu Kusunoki

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A rare PANK2 deletion in the first north African patient affected with pantothenate kinase associated neurodegeneration

Stephanie Efthymiou, Yamna Kriouile, Vincenzo Salpietro, Rhouda Hajar, Zouiri Ghizlane, Kshitij Mankad, Mohamed El Khorassani, Mhammed Aguennouz, SYNaPS Study Group, Henry Houlden, Sarah Wiethoff

Muscle biopsy is not diagnostic for MELAS

Josef Finsterer

Statin use and dementia after a concussion in older adults

Tomoyuki Kawada

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Isolated seizure as initial presentation of GABAA receptor antibody-associated encephalitis

Masanori Kurihara, Takuya Sasaki, Kaori Sakuishi, Yasuo Terao, Tomohiro Murakawa, Aya Shinozaki-Ushiku, Satoshi Okada, Tatsushi Toda, Shoji Tsuji

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Complex pathophysiology of non-ketotic hyperglycemic chorea-ballism with atypical findings on brain magnetic resonance imaging

Hye-Yeon Choi, Yong Sung Kim, Hae-Won Shin



Corrigendum to 'Whipple's endocarditis diagnosed by thrombus analysis retrieved by successful mechanical thrombectomy' [Journal of the Neurological Sciences 400 (2019) 42–43]

Elodie ONG, Paul-Emile Labeyrie, Matthieu Aubry, Cecile DELAHAYE, Sandrine Roux, Tristan Ferry, Norbert Nighoghossian