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Vol 338 | No. 1-2 | 15 March 2014 | Pages 1-246


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IVIg in the chronic management of myasthenia gravis: Is it enough for your money?

13 January 2014

Myasthenia gravis (MG) is a prototypic autoimmune disease because the antigen, the acetylcholine receptor (AChR), is well characterized; anti-AChR antibodies are detected in more than 85% of the patie...

Marinos C. Dalakas 1-2


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Association between phosphodiesterase 4D polymorphism SNP83 and ischemic stroke

23 December 2013

Abstract: Iceland scientists identified the relationship between the PDE4D gene and ischemic stroke (IS) in 2003. Since then, many researches have emerged to estimate this association, but the results...

Yan Yan, Xiuping Luo, Jinlu Zhang, Li Su, Wenjie Liang, Guifeng Huang, Guangliang Wu, Guihua Huang, Lian Gu 3-11

Integrative parietal cortex processes: Neurological and psychiatric aspects

06 January 2014

Abstract: For many decades the parietal cortex (PC) has been considered the key area in tasks which involve the integration of different stimuli. PC is fundamental to determine spatial sense, informat...

Silmar Teixeira, Sergio Machado, Bruna Velasques, Antonio Sanfim, Daniel Minc, Caroline Peressutti, Juliana Bittencourt, Henning Budde, Mauricio Cagy, Renato Anghinah, Luis F. Basile, Roberto Piedade, Pedro Ribeiro, Cláudia Diniz, Consuelo Cartier, Mariana Gongora, Farmy Silva, Fernanda Manaia, Julio Guilherme Silva 12-22

Recent advances in acute hearing loss due to posterior circulation ischemic stroke

16 January 2014

Abstract: Acute hearing loss (AHL) has traditionally been considered to be a neglected and underestimated symptom of stroke. However, because the blood supply to the auditory system originates from th...

Hyung Lee 23-29

Non-motor symptoms of Parkinson's disease A review…from the past

16 January 2014

Abstract: Although Parkinson's disease (PD) has been classically defined as a motor disorder, a range of non-motor symptoms (NMS) including cognitive, mood, autonomic and sleep disturbances occur with...

Pedro J. Garcia-Ruiz, K. Ray Chaudhuri, Pablo Martinez-Martin 30-33

Varicella-zoster virus vasculopathy. A review description of a new case with multifocal brain hemorrhage

23 January 2014

Abstract: Background: The varicella zoster virus (VZV) is a highly neurotropic virus that, after the primary infection, remains latent in the nerve cells and can reactivate many years later, resulting...

Inés González-Suárez, Blanca Fuentes-Gimeno, Gerardo Ruiz-Ares, Patricia Martínez-Sánchez, Exuperio Diez-Tejedor 34-38

Original Articles

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Maintenance IVIg therapy in myasthenia gravis does not affect disease activity

21 November 2013

Abstract: Objectives: There is insufficient data on the efficacy of intravenous immunoglobulins (IVIg) as maintenance treatment in myasthenia gravis (MG). We therefore examined response to maintenance...

M.A. Hellmann, R. Mosberg-Galili, I. Lotan, I. Steiner 39-42

Withdrawal reaction of carbamazepine after neurovascular decompression for trigeminal neuralgia: A preliminary study

06 January 2014

Abstract: Objective: To evaluate the representations and the relevant factors of carbamazepine-associated withdrawal reaction (CAWR) after microvascular decompression (MVD) to treat trigeminal neuralg...

Min-Jie Chen, Wei-Jie Zhang, Zhi-Lin Guo, Wen-Hao Zhang, Ying Chai, Yun-wu Li 43-45

Effects of the coexistence of late-life depression and mild cognitive impairment on white matter microstructure

06 January 2014

Abstract: Background and objective: Late-life depression (LLD) and amnestic mild cognitive impairment (aMCI) are associated with white matter (WM) disruptions of the fronto-limbic and interhemispheric...

Wenjun Li, L. Tugan Muftuler, Gang Chen, B. Douglas Ward, Matthew D. Budde, Jennifer L. Jones, Malgorzata B. Franczak, Piero G. Antuono, Shi-Jiang Li, Joseph S. Goveas 46-56

Screening of microRNAs associated with Alzheimer's disease using oxidative stress cell model and different strains of senescence accelerated mice

13 January 2014

Abstract: Oxidative stress plays a critical role in the etiology and pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease (AD), and the molecular mechanisms that control the neuron response to oxidative stress have be...

Rui Zhang, Qingfu Zhang, Jingya Niu, Kang Lu, Bing Xie, Dongsheng Cui, Shunjiang Xu 57-64

Association between Glutathione S-transferase M1/Glutathione S-transferase T1 polymorphisms and Parkinson's disease: A meta-analysis

31 December 2013

Abstract: The Glutathione S-transferase M1 (GSTM1) and Glutathione S-transferase T1 (GSTT1) genes have been studied extensively as potential candidate genes for the risk of Parkinson's disease (PD). H...

Tengfei Wang, Bin Wang 65-70

Concomitant microRNA-31 downregulation and radixin upregulation predicts advanced tumor progression and unfavorable prognosis in patients with gliomas

30 December 2013

Abstract: Purpose: To clarify the clinical significance of microRNA-31 (miR-31) and radixin (RDX) in human glioma. Methods: Quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction (qRT-PCR) analysis was used...

Shuai Wang, Baohua Jiao, Shaomei Geng, Jian Song, Zhaohui Liang, Shengkui Lu 71-76

Training in rapid auditory processing ameliorates auditory comprehension in aphasic patients: A randomized controlled pilot study

02 January 2014

Abstract: Experimental studies have often reported close associations between rapid auditory processing and language competency. The present study was aimed at improving auditory comprehension in apha...

Elzbieta Szelag, Monika Lewandowska, Tomasz Wolak, Joanna Seniow, Renata Poniatowska, Ernst Pöppel, Aneta Szymaszek 77-86

Asymmetric dimethylarginine is related to the predicted stroke risk in middle-aged Japanese men

30 December 2013

Abstract: Background: Asymmetric dimethylarginine (ADMA) has recently been investigated as a risk marker for cardio- and cerebrovascular diseases. However, whether ADMA levels are related to the risk ...

Yasuhiro Nishiyama, Toshiaki Otsuka, Masayuki Ueda, Hirofumi Inagaki, Kanako Muraga, Arata Abe, Tomoyuki Kawada, Yasuo Katayama 87-91

SLC1A2 rs3794087 variant and risk for migraine

13 January 2014

Abstract: Background/objectives: Glutamate has been implicated in the pathogenesis of migraine. We investigated the possible association between the polymorphism rs3794087 in the SLC1A2 gene (EATT2 or...

Elena García-Martín, Carmen Martínez, Mercedes Serrador, Hortensia Alonso-Navarro, Francisco Navacerrada, José A.G. Agúndez, Félix Javier Jiménez-Jiménez 92-95

Steroid myopathy in patients with chronic respiratory diseases

30 December 2013

Abstract: Background: Corticosteroid-induced myopathy is a well known clinical entity, and experimental studies showed decreased rate of protein synthesis and increased rate of protein breakdown in mu...

Oleg S. Levin, Anna G. Polunina, Marina A. Demyanova, Fedor V. Isaev 96-101

The DASH score: A simple score to assess risk for development of malignant middle cerebral artery infarction

13 January 2014

Abstract: Background and purpose: The aim of the present study was to devise a simple grading scale for assessing the risk of development of malignant MCA infarction (MMI). Methods: Using MRI, patient...

Takashi Shimoyama, Kazumi Kimura, Junichi Uemura, Shinji Yamashita, Naoki Saji, Kensaku Shibazaki, Yasuyuki Iguchi 102-106

Carnitine palmitoyltransferase II (CPT II) deficiency: Genotype–Phenotype analysis of 50 patients

06 January 2014

Abstract: Clinical, biochemical and molecular genetic data in a cohort of 50 patients with muscle CPT II deficiency are reported. Attacks of myoglobinuria occurred in 86% of patients. In 94% of patien...

Pushpa Raj Joshi, Marcus Deschauer, Stephan Zierz 107-111

Formononetin protects TBI rats against neurological lesions and the underlying mechanism

09 January 2014

Abstract: Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a major cause of disability or death worldwide, especially in the young. Thus, effective medication with few side effects needs to be developed. This work aim...

Zhengzhao Li, Xianhong Dong, Jianfeng Zhang, Guang Zeng, Huimin Zhao, Yun Liu, Rubiao Qiu, Linjian Mo, Yu Ye 112-117

Risk factors and etiological subtype analysis of brainstem infarctions

10 January 2014

Abstract: Objective: To evaluate the features of risk factors and etiological subtypes of brainstem infarctions (BSIs) patients in China. Methods: One hundred and ninety-nine cerebral infarction patie...

Yinyao Lin, Lei Zhang, Jian Bao, Bingjun Zhang, Haiyan Li, Suqin Chen, Shaoyang Sun, Xuejiao Men, Zhengqi Lu 118-121

Alcohol and substance use in multiple sclerosis

09 January 2014

Abstract: Background: Few studies have examined the prevalence of alcohol and drug use in individuals with multiple sclerosis (MS). The current study sought to examine the prevalence and associated de...

Meghan Beier, Vanessa D'Orio, Jessica Spat, Melissa Shuman, Frederick W. Foley 122-127

Diffusion tensor MRI alterations of subcortical deep gray matter in clinically isolated syndrome

13 January 2014

Abstract: Background: Abnormalities in the gray matter (GM) of the brain parenchyma are present early in the course of multiple sclerosis. Objectives: To quantify white matter (WM) and subcortical dee...

Roberto Cappellani, Niels Bergsland, Bianca Weinstock-Guttman, Cheryl Kennedy, Ellen Carl, Deepa P. Ramasamy, Jesper Hagemeier, Michael G. Dwyer, Francesco Patti, Robert Zivadinov 128-134

Docosahexaenoic acid confers enduring neuroprotection in experimental stroke

15 January 2014

Abstract: Recently we demonstrated that docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is highly neuroprotective when animals were allowed to survive during one week. This study was conducted to establish whether the neu...

Sung-Ha Hong, Ludmila Belayev, Larissa Khoutorova, Andre Obenaus, Nicolas G. Bazan 135-141

Basilar artery bending length, vascular risk factors, and pontine infarction

18 February 2014

Abstract: Background: Patients exhibiting basilar artery (BA) curvature (not dolichoectasia) are at an increased risk of posterior circulation ischemic stroke. In this study, pontine infarction patien...

Dao-pei Zhang, Shu-ling Zhang, Jie-wen Zhang, Hong-tao Zhang, Sheng-qi Fu, Meng Yu, Ya-fang Ren, Peng Ji 142-147

Brain control of volitional ankle tasks in people with chronic stroke and in healthy individuals

15 January 2014

Abstract: This study explored the relationships between motor cortical control of ankle dorsiflexors and clinical impairments of volitional ankle dorsiflexion in people with chronic stroke. Eighteen p...

L.D. Beaulieu, H. Massé-Alarie, B. Brouwer, C. Schneider 148-155

Predictors and impact of the working alliance in the neuropsychological rehabilitation of patients with multiple sclerosis

15 January 2014

Abstract: Background: There is preliminary evidence of positive effects of neuropsychological rehabilitation in multiple sclerosis (MS). However, whether a working alliance affects rehabilitation outc...

Eija Rosti-Otajärvi, Anu Mäntynen, Keijo Koivisto, Heini Huhtala, Päivi Hämäläinen 156-161

Correlations of apathy and depression with postural instability in Parkinson disease

23 January 2014

Abstract: Background: Postural instability (PI) in Parkinson's disease (PD) is associated with depression and apathy based on UPDRS scores. We sought to examine the link using more objective PI measur...

Anhar Hassan, Srikant Vallabhajosula, Laura B. Zahodne, Dawn Bowers, Michael S. Okun, Hubert H. Fernandez, Chris J. Hass 162-165

Hypnic headache: A descriptive study of 25 new cases in Brazil

27 January 2014

Abstract: Our aim was to show the clinical characteristics of 25 patients with hypnic headache. We reviewed the medical records of 11,360 patients who complained of headache and selected those with hy...

Raimundo Pereira Silva-Néto, Kelson James Almeida 166-168

Predictors for cortical gray matter volume in stroke patients with confluent white matter changes

27 January 2014

Abstract: Background and Purpose: Our previous study found that cortical gray matter (cGM) volume predicted vascular cognitive impairment independent of age-related white matter changes (WMC). We aime...

Yunyun Xiong, Adrian Wong, Kelvin Wong, Winnie C.W. Chu, Xintao Hu, Xiangyan Chen, Ka Sing Wong, Stephen T.C. Wong, Xinfeng Liu, Vincent Mok 169-173

Physical precipitating factors in functional movement disorders

17 January 2014

Abstract: Background: A traditional explanation for functional (psychogenic) neurological symptoms, including functional movement disorders (FMD), is that psychological stressors lead to unconsciously...

Isabel Pareés, Maja Kojovic, Carolina Pires, Ignacio Rubio-Agusti, Tabish A. Saifee, Anna Sadnicka, Panagiotis Kassavetis, Antonella Macerollo, Kailash P. Bhatia, Alan Carson, Jon Stone, Mark J. Edwards 174-177

Primary vision and facial emotion recognition in early Parkinson's disease

31 January 2014

Abstract: Background: In early stages of idiopathic Parkinson's disease (IPD), lower order vision (LOV) deficits including reduced colour and contrast discrimination have been consistently reported. D...

Géraldine Hipp, Nico J. Diederich, Vannina Pieria, Michel Vaillant 178-182

Within-day variability on short and long walking tests in persons with multiple sclerosis

16 January 2014

Abstract: Objective: To compare within-day variability of short (10m walking test at usual and fastest speed; 10MWT) and long (2 and 6-minute walking test; 2MWT/6MWT) tests in persons with multiple sc...

Peter Feys, Bo Bibby, Anders Romberg, Carme Santoyo, Benoit Gebara, Benoit Maertens de Noordhout, Kathy Knuts, Francois Bethoux, Anders Skjerbæk, Ellen Jensen, Ilse Baert, Claude Vaney, Vincent de Groot, Ulrik Dalgas 183-187

N-type calcium channel antibody-mediated paraneoplastic limbic encephalitis: A diagnostic challenge

27 January 2014

Abstract: Background: The etiology of encephalitis presents a diagnostic challenge and often remains a mystery. However, current technological advances using antibodies can enable a definitive diagnos...

Carlos Kamiya-Matsuoka, David Blas-Boria, Michelle D. Williams, Pedro Garciarena, Sudhakar Tummala, Ivo W. Tremont-Lukats 188-190

Characteristics of anxiety and psychological well-being in chronic post-stroke patients

17 January 2014

Abstract: Background and purpose: Anxiety and depression are common psychological conditions in post-stroke patients. In the present study, their relation with perceived quality of life and psychophys...

Guido Edoardo D'Aniello, Federica Scarpina, Alessandro Mauro, Ileana Mori, Gianluca Castelnuovo, Matteo Bigoni, Silvia Baudo, Enrico Molinari 191-196

The salt stimulation property of serum paraoxonase (PON1) could be a valuable factor in evaluating the enzyme status in ischemic stroke: The role of activity-determined PON1 192Q/R phenotypes

16 January 2014

Abstract: Variability in the activity and function of serum paraoxonase (PON1) as an antioxidant enzyme involved in vascular disease has been observed. In this study, we investigated the enzyme activi...

Abdolkarim Mahrooz, Ahad Alizadeh, Ghorban Gohari 197-202

Recovery and outcome of frontal alien hand syndrome after anterior cerebral artery stroke

24 January 2014

Abstract: Ischemic lesions within the territory of the anterior cerebral artery present with a variety of clinical signs and symptoms. Among these, frontal alien hand syndrome is rare and easily overl...

Dennis A. Nowak, Kathrin Bösl, Jitka Lüdemann-Podubecka, Hans-Jürgen Gdynia, Matthias Ponfick 203-206

Waist circumference and waist-to-hip ratio in carpal tunnel syndrome: A case–control study

27 January 2014

Abstract: Background: The association between carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) and high body mass index (BMI) and some hand measures is well known. No study has been specifically focused on waist circumfe...

Mauro Mondelli, Alessandro Aretini, Federica Ginanneschi, Giuseppe Greco, Stefano Mattioli 207-213

Short Communications

Article TitleAuthor(s)Pages

A homozygote for the c.459+1G>A mutation in the ARSA gene presents with cerebellar ataxia as the only first clinical sign of metachromatic leukodystrophy

13 January 2014

Abstract: Metachromatic leukodystrophy (MLD) is a rare lysosomal disorder caused by deficient activity of arylsulfatase A or the lack of saposin B, which results in the accumulation of sulfatide in th...

Agnieszka Ługowska, Hanna Mierzewska, Monika Bekiesińska-Figatowska, Elżbieta Szczepanik, Alicja Goszczańska-Ciuchta, Małgorzata Bednarska-Makaruk 214-217

Multifocal central nervous system demyelination and Lhermitte's phenomenon secondary to combination chemotherapy for chronic lymphocytic leukaemia

27 January 2014

Abstract: The CRF regime (cyclophosphamide, rituximab and fludarabine) is used for the treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia. We report a case of diffuse CNS demyelination following treatment wit...

J. Hafner, K. Kumar, S. Mulligan, K. Ng 218-219

Hypoglycemia-induced spontaneous unilateral jerking movement in bilateral internal capsule posterior limb abnormalities

13 January 2014

Abstract: We report an 89-year-old woman who developed consciousness disturbance associated with marked hypoglycemia, and showed involuntary movements manifested as spontaneous quick-jerking flexion f...

Nobuhito Nakajima, Masayuki Ueda, Hiroshi Nagayama, Yasuo Katayama 220-222

Association between reversible cerebral vasoconstriction syndrome and thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura

14 January 2014

Abstract: Background: Reversible cerebrovascular constriction syndrome (RCVS) presents with thunderclap headache and ischemic neurological deficits due to focal vasoconstrictions in major intracranial...

Prakash R. Paliwal, Hock L. Teoh, Vijay K. Sharma 223-225

Multiple sclerosis is associated with psoriasis. A case–control study

17 January 2014

Abstract: Background: MS and psoriasis are both autoimmune diseases putatively mediated mainly by T cells. Objective: We conducted a case control study to investigate whether patients with MS have a h...

Avi Fellner, Marina Dano, Keren Regev, Amnon Mosek, Arnon Karni 226-228

Dural arteriovenous fistula presenting with exophthalmos and seizures

21 January 2014

Abstract: Concomitant seizures and exophthalmos in the context of a temporal dural arteriovenous fistula (dAVF) has not been described before. Here, we report a 55-year-old-male who presented with an ...

Anteneh M. Feyissa, Lucido L. Ponce, Joel T. Patterson, Rudiger H. Von Ritschl, Robert G. Smith 229-231

A case of 3243A>G mutation in mtDNA presenting as apparently idiopathic hyperCKemia

27 January 2014

Abstract: The 3243A>G mutation of mtDNA usually is associated with MELAS syndrome. Here we report a patient with the 3243A>G mutation presenting only recurrent muscle fatigue and elevated levels...

Anna Rubegni, Elena Cardaioli, Elena Chini, Paola Da Pozzo, Carla Battisti, Alessandro Malandrini, Antonio Federico 232-234

Letters to the Editor

Article TitleAuthor(s)Pages

Parkinsonism: An under-recognized neurological complication of Sjogren's syndrome

30 December 2013

Matsuo et al. have provided interesting data in their recent article . Interestingly, one fairly common neurological complication of Sjogren's syndrome that is often under-reported and often overlooke...

Shailendra Kapoor 235

Molecular insights into aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage and cerebral vasospasm from analysis of coated-platelets

13 January 2014

I have read, with great interest, a recently published article in the Journal of Neurological Sciences by Prodan et al. titled 'Higher levels of coated-platelets are observed in patients with subarach...

Dale Ding 236

Response to Letter to the Editor from Dr. Dale Ding: Molecular insights into aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage and cerebral vasospasm from analysis of coated-platelets

13 January 2014

We thank Dr. Dale Ding for his thoughtful comments. We agree that the current data , in conjunction with prior results showing lower levels of coated-platelets in spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage ...

Calin I. Prodan 237

First case with Huntington's disease in The Gambia

17 January 2014

A 52-year old black male from the Greater Banjul Area presented to the Medicine Out Patient Department in the company of his son, with a history of abnormal movements of limbs and face. These abnormal...

Luis E. Almaguer-Mederos, Jorge Vega Abascal, Asmell Ramos Cabrera, Fátima García Quilez, Pablo Betancourt Álvarez, Filiberto Miranda Rosales, Ania Ferriol Ramírez, M.I.A. Khalil, Laura de Jorge López, Victor Volpini, Ousman Nyan 238-240

Outcomes of acute ischemic stroke patients following endovascular intervention: Role and clinical utility of transcranial Doppler

16 January 2014

I have read, with great interest, a recently published article in the Journal of Neurological Sciences by Aoki et al. titled 'Post-intervention TCD examination may be useful to predict outcome in acut...

Dale Ding 241-242

Response to a letter regarding a paper entitled, "Post-intervention TCD examination may be useful to predict outcome in acute ischemic stroke patients with successful intra-arterial intervention"

21 January 2014

We thank Dr. Dale Ding for his thoughtful comments regarding our previous study, entitled "Post-intervention TCD examination may be useful to predict outcome in acute ischemic stroke patients with suc...

Junya Aoki, Larry N. Raber, Irene L. Katzan, Muhammad Shazam Hussain, Ferdinand K. Hui, Ken Uchino 243

Book Review

Article TitleAuthor(s)Pages

Book review

31 January 2014

Using expert description and thoughtful debate, Neuroethics in Practice makes a strong case for our immediate attention to the ethics of medical research and practice. Editors Anjan Chatterjee and Mar...

Briana N. Perry, Jack W. Tsao 244

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