The Neurological Field Continues to Update

In recent years, there has been tremendous growth in new diagnostic information, pharmacological and neurosurgical treatments for neurological disease, as well as a greater understanding of brain function. Our news section informs you of ongoing topics with a potential worldwide influence. In addition to this section, we inform through our social media platforms to keep connect with our member more easier than before. 

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World Federation of Neurology News

WFN-University of Cairo 2022 One-Year Visiting Fellow Program

The World Federation of Neurology (WFN) with support from the Association of British Neurologists (ABN) are pleased to partner with the Department of Neurology of Cairo University and announce a one year visiting fellowship position for one newly trained African Neurologist.

27 Nov 2022

Journal of the Neurological Sciences issue 443 now available

The latest issue of JNS Vol. 443 is now available online

14 Nov 2022

Two New Co-opted Trustee Appointments

The World Federation of Neurology is pleased to announce the appointments of Prof Riadh Gouider and Prof Marco Tulio Medina as co-opted Trustees for a one-year term covering the period from October 2022 to the next Council of Delegates meeting in October 2023.

Neurology News

11 Nov 2022

Alzheimer's disease can be diagnosed before symptoms emerge

A large study led by Lund University in Sweden has shown that people with Alzheimer's disease can now be identified before they experience any symptoms. It is now also possible to predict who will deteriorate within the next few years. The study is published in Nature Medicine, and is very timely in light of the recent development of new drugs for Alzheimer's disease.

8 Nov 2022

Most detailed map of brain’s memory hub finds connectivity puzzle

The most detailed map ever made of the communication links between the hippocampus – the brain’s memory control centre – and the rest of the brain has been created by Australian scientists. And it may change how we think about human memory.

4 Nov 2022

Moderate to Heavy Drinking Linked to Higher Risk of Stroke in Young Adults

People in their 20s and 30s who drink moderate to heavy amounts of alcohol may be more likely to have a stroke as young adults than people who drink low amounts or no alcohol, according to study. The risk of stroke increased the more years people reported moderate or heavy drinking.

International Meetings & Events

16th European Headache Federation Congress

9 Dec 2022 - 11 Dec 2022
Since its foundation in 1992, EHF (European Headache Federation), has sought to improve the life of those affected by headache in Europe.

12th World Congress for Neurorehabilitation

14 Dec 2022 - 17 Dec 2022
The subjects are: Neurorehabilitation, Neurology, Rehabilitation Medicine, Radiology, Neurointensive Care, Neuroscience,  Neuropsychology, Neuropathology, Neuroanatomy

Neurological Emergencies CME course

27 Apr 2023 - 28 Apr 2023
Learn with Harvard Medical School professors, and world-renowned neuro emergencies experts, Drs. Jonathan Edlow and Joshua Goldstein, as they take a version of their lauded annual course to Europe...

XXVI Biennial World Congress of Neurology (WCN 2023)

15 Oct 2023 - 19 Oct 2023
The World Federation of Neurology’s XXVI World Congress of Neurology (WCN 2023) is proudly co-hosted by the Canadian Neurological Society (CNS), with over 2000 neurologist members.