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Gordon Smith

Diagnostic tools in the management of Peripheral nervous system disease - appropriate use

Professor Gordon Smith

A. Gordon Smith MD is the Kenneth and Diane Wright Distinguished Professor and Chair of the Department of Neurology at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Dr. Smith’s area of clinical expertise is neuromuscular medicine, particularly peripheral neuropathies and disorders of neuromuscular junction transmission (myasthenia gravis and Lambert Eaton myasthenic syndrome). His NIH funded research team focuses on peripheral neuropathy in the settings of chemotherapy exposure, diabetes and obesity. He has a particular interest in biomarker development and novel clinical trial design for peripheral neuropathy.

Dr. Smith regularly consults with industry regarding drug development for neuropathy and neuropathic pain, and he chairs or serves on numerous data safety monitoring boards. He is a standing member of the NIH Heal Initiative EPPIC-Net study section and is Chair of NSD-K, the NINDS Clinical Trial study section.