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Brian Callaghan

Clinical phenomenology of peripheral nervous system disease

Prof. Brian Callaghan

Dr. Callaghan is Professor of Neurology, the Eva L. Feldman Professor of neurology, and a staff physician at the Ann Arbor Veterans Affairs Hospital. He has over 150 peer- reviewed publications including more than 40 first and last author publications. He has received grant funding from the NIH (NIDDK R-01 grant, NIH K23 grant), VA (CSR&D Merit grant), ADA (Junior Faculty Award), JDRF, and the AAN. He serves on the editorial board for the Neurology journal.

Dr. Callaghan also serves as the chair of the AAN Health Services Research subcommittee, the chair of the Peripheral Nerve Society’s Education committee, and a board member for the International Diabetes Neuropathy Consortium.

He is the co-Director of the Neuromuscular division and the Associate Program Director of research for the neurology residency program. He previously served as the diabetic neuropathy chair for the scientific sessions meeting planning committee of the ADA, as the co-chair for the health services research special interest group for the ANA, on the Michigan Program on Value Enhancement (MPrOVE) committee, and on the national Epic adult neurology steering board.

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