The Nominating Committee of the World Federation of Neurology, having invited nominations for Secretary General and Elected Trustee—the Secretary General falling vacant with effect from 1st January 2023 and for the Elected Trustee to take effect immediately after the council of delegates meeting—have recommended the following candidates to the membership:

(In alphabetical order)

Position of Secretary General: 

  1. Prof. Marianne de Visser
  2. Dr Steven Lewis
  3. Prof. Tissa Wijeratne


Position of Trustee:

  1. Dr Minerva López Ruiz
  2. Dr Chandrashekhar Meshram
  3. Prof. Bo Norrving
  4. Prof. Mohammad Wasay

In accordance with Article 6.3 of the WFN Memorandum & Articles of Association, nomination of additional candidates is open to anyone by:

  • Obtaining the supporting signatures of five or more member society authorised delegates
  • Submitting the name(s) of the individual(s) to the chair of the nominations committee, c/o the London Secretariat office at to arrive at least thirty days prior to the date of the Electronic vote beginning (this begins on Monday 3rd October)