Turkish Initiative for the Neurology Department Visit 2012

As part of the WFN’s Africa Initiative, the Turkish Neurological Society volunteered to contribute.  As a result the neurology departments of both the Istanbul University Cerrahpasa School of Medicine and the Hacettepe University School of Medicine in Ankara offered a one month visiting neurologist programme for neurologists from Africa.  Their visits will be covered by a grant provided by the Turkish Neurological Society.

Two candidates drawn from sixteen (16) applicants from several African countries were selected by an evaluation committee comprised of members of the WFN Education Committee and representatives of the Turkish Neurological Society.  Each visiting neurologist will come to Turkey early in 2012.  A clinical and scientific programme focused on the applicants’ special interest in neurology has been prepared in each department.  In addition, the applicants will be made honorary members of the departments, and after their visits it is intended to continue to maintain the scientific relationship and support in the future as well.   

Both university neurology departments are part of leading university hospitals in Turkey, in which both medical schools have additional English Medical Programmes, with students coming from different countries all over the world, the majority from the Middle East, African and near-Asian countries, but also a large number of visiting students from European countries through the Erasmus student exchange programme.  The neurology residency programmes (currently a four year programme) are also accepting foreign applicants through a special governmental programme. Both departments are open and accepting applications for a visiting neurologist programme from both national and international institutions.

Cerrahpas and Hacettepe neurology departments have divisions such as electrophysiology, stroke, epilepsy, sleep medicine, neuro-ophthalmology, neuro-muscular diseases and movement disorders. The one month programme aims to provide insight and stimulation in different fields of neurology.

We are hoping that this programme will be beneficial for our African colleagues. 

Reports on The Turkish Initiative for the Neurology Departmental Visit as a part of the WFN’s the Africa Initiative Programme

Host reports:

Candidate reports:

Read the short reports from the candidates and hosts in August’s World Neurology.



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