WFN Seminars in Clinical Neurology

The mission of the World Federation of Neurology (WFN) is to develop international pro- grams for the improvement of neurologic health, with an emphasis on developing countries. A major strategic aim is to create and promote affordable and effective continuing medical education materials specifically for neurologists and related health care providers. The WFN Seminars in Neurology, initiated by its first editor-in-chief, Theodore L. Munsat, MD, uses an instructional format that has proven to be successful in controlled trials of educational tech- niques. Modeled after the American Academy of Neurology's highly successful Continuum, we use proven pedagogal approaches to enhance the effectiveness of each course. These include case-oriented information, key points, multiple-choice questions, annotated refer- ences, and abundant use of tables and illustrations.

The WFN has recognized the unmet needs of neurologists who must practice medicine without many of the advantages that are often taken for granted in the industrialized world. This text is one in a series of courses designed to address issues related to the practice of neurology in regions with limited resources, tropical conditions, and sociocultural traditions that are unique to developing areas of the world, and which are not covered in standard text- books. The most important investment in health care delivery in these regions, however, is in properly trained medical personnel, and neurologic specialists who play an essential role not only as caregivers, but as educators. With this in mind, we have asked course faculty to present the instructional material and patient care guidelines with minimal reference to expensive or unproven diagnostic and therapeutic approaches, without compromising the goal of achieving the very best available care for patients with neurologic disorders. When necessary, a choice of approaches is presented to account for different levels of available resources.

WFN Seminars in Clinical Neurology are available free of charge on the WFN website (, and hard copies can be purchased at a nominal fee from the publisher. This is an unusual distribution process for continuing education material, designed for universal availability. Limited numbers of hard copy courses can also be made available without charge to qualifying membership societies, with the condition that they be used to convene discussion groups, which are an important component of the learning experience. Funding for this program is provided by unrestricted educational grants.

Jerome Engel, Jr., MD, PhD
Los Angeles, California

Neurologic Bladder, Bowel and Sexual Dysfunction


Epilepsy: Global Issues for the Practicing Neurologist




Stroke: Selected Topics


Multiple Sclerosis for the Practicing Neurologist


Neurologic Consequences of Malnutrition

Series Editor: Dr Jerome Engel

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