SIN One Brain, OneHealth 2024 2031The Italian Society of Neurology – SIN, organizes the “One Brain, One Health” event. The Italian Strategy for Brain Health 2024-2031, will be held on Tuesday 12 March, starting from 3.00 pm, in the Refectory Hall of the Chamber of Deputies, at Palazzo San Macuto in via del Seminario 76 in Rome.

The event will represent the opportunity to launch, in conjunction with World Brain Week, the Italian Strategy for Brain Health 2024-2031, through the presentation of the Italian Manifesto “One Brain, One Health”.  The aim is to involve all healthcare professionals, institutions and the population in spreading greater general awareness regarding the importance of a healthy brain as a fundamental prerequisite for the well-being of the individual and the entire society. To this end, the SIN intends to initiate a shared reflection on the possible actions to be developed in the fields of health planning, prevention, research, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and social issues to give concrete implementation to a Strategy that can be implemented in Italy with the recommendations contained in the Global Action Plan on epilepsy and other neurological disorders (IGAP) of the World Health Organization.

SIN invites you to follow the proceedings of the event by connecting to the live streaming of the TV of the Chamber of Deputies

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