SFCNS Swiss Brain Health Plan

The “Swiss Brain Health Plan” (SBHP) implements the Swiss Brain Health Strategy in accordance with the EAN Brain Health Strategy, launched by the WHO and the European Academy of Neurology EAN in 2022.

Led by the Swiss Federation of Clinical Neuro-Societies (SFCNS), SHBP was officially launched at a kick-off stakeholder meeting on November 22, 2023 at the Kunsthaus Zurich, and with the publication of the position paper The Swiss Brain Health Plan 2023-2033 ⧉. The health plan is a response to the growing healthcare crisis related to the very high (and increasing) burden of brain disorders, and a comprehensive initiative to promote brain health and the prevention of brain disorders across all stages of life.

The 5 strategic objectives of the Swiss Brain Health Plan.
The 5 strategic objectives of the
Swiss Brain Health Plan.

SBHP aims at establishing a person-centered, integrated, coordinated, and cost-effective public health approach based on novel and strong synergies between healthcare professionals, scientists, patients, caregivers, insurance providers, and commercial, societal, and governmental stakeholders, and emphasizing gender perspectives, equity, and humans rights.

The position paper discusses the five strategic objectives of the SBHP, which has the vision of promoting brain health for all across the entire life course, as well as the fundamental considerations of the SBHP:

  1. the high (and increasing) burden of brain disorders in terms of prevalence (>50% of the population suffers from a brain disorder), disability, mortality, and costs;
  2. the prevention of brain disorders;
  3. the operational definition of brain health;
  4. determinants of brain health;
  5. international initiatives to promote brain (including mental) health including the World Health Organization (WHO) Intersectorial Global Action Plan on Epilepsy and Other Neurological Disorders (NDs) (IGAP) and the WHO comprehensive mental health action plan. 

The first activities of the SBHP after its launch in November 2023 will include the organization of educational and scientific events across the country, a systematic analysis of the global burden of brain disorders in Switzerland, the launch of an international Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) on Brain Health, and the creation of international collaborations.