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Attend ICNMDigital 2023, virtual scientific update on neuromuscular diseases, while we wait for our next in-person gathering at ICNMD 2024 in Perth, Australia in October 2024.

The first scientific session at ICNMDigital 2023 (Muscle Disorders) includes presentations on effects of treatment in infantile-onset and late-onset Pompe disease (Dr. Nadine Van der Beek), on emerging therapeutic options in various subtypes of myositis (Andrew Mammen), and on recognition and causes of rhabdomyolysis (Prof. Benedikt Schoser).

In the session on Peripheral Neuropathies, Dr. Jeffrey Allen will present on new classification of CIDP and variants no longer included; Dr. Roser Velasco will speak to immunotherapy and checkpoint inhibitors-related neuropathies; while Prof. Teresa Coelho will focus on amyloid associated neuropathies, esp. hATTR.

In the Neuromuscular Junction Disorders session, Dr. Carolina Barnett-Tapia will highlight patient assessment methods in myasthenia gravis, Prof. Vera Bril will provide an update on treatment of MG, and Prof. Jan Verschuuren will update us on LEMS.

The final scientific session will address the current state of our understanding of ALS genetics (Dr. Eva Feldman), utility of disease biomarkers (Prof. Philip Van Damme), approach to drug treatment (Dr. Stephen Goutman), and palliative care (Prof. Orla Hardiman).

In addition to these scientific sessions, five industry-supported symposia will address new strategies for advancing care and protecting bone health in duchenne muscular dystrophy (Santhera), aging and infectious diseases in myasthenia gravis (Grifols), limb-girdle muscular dystrophies (Sarepta), continuity of care and totality of evidence in nmDMD (PTC), and latest learnings about zolgensma treatment in SMA (Novartis).

An on-demand presentation by PTC on the journey of boys with nonsense mutation Duchenne muscular dystrophy rounds up this virtual event.


Program details at https://icnmd.org/program-icnmdigital-2023

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