TOM 2023

The Tournament of Minds has been a highlight of the WCN since the London congress in 2001. Originally, national teams would compete, but with the need to convert to a virtual format in 2021 departmental teams competed.

For the 2023 WCN in Montreal, the Tournament was run with a hybrid format, some teams being present in person and others competing simultaneously on-line. This was technologically challenging but the end-result was a smoothly run, enjoyable and educational experience.

Thirteen teams competed in the initial knock-out phase, including several departmental teams from India and teams from Sri Lanka, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, UK, Sudan and Hong Kong.

Eight teams went through to the semi-finals and then four to the Grand Final which immediately preceded the Congress Closing Ceremony. In the Grand Final, there was one team (representing Sri Lanka) present in person and three teams (two from India and one from Kenya) competing on-line.

TOM 2023 WinnersAll teams performed remarkably strongly. The questions in all three rounds were challenging, interesting and educational. The audience was strongly engaged, with audience answers to the Knock-out round multiple-choice questions adding to the learning experience. The Grand Final was hard fought, with enthusiastic audience response very evident; eventually the Sri Lankan team emerged as clear winners.

Congratulations to the winning team of Prof. Thashi Chang, Dr. A. T. Alibhoy, Dr. Senaka Bandusena and Dr. Manjula Caldera and to all the other competitors.