World Neurology - August-September 2023 issue

The issue begins with the President's Column, where WFN President Dr. Wolfgang Grisold updates us on the upcoming World Congress of Neurology (WCN) Oct. 15-19 in Montreal and the many exciting new initiatives of the WCN, as well as other global activities of the WFN. Many initiatives and opportunities at the upcoming WCN are also well described in an accompanying article.

Next, Dr. Olivia Begasse de Dhaem describes innovative workplace initiatives intended to mitigate neurologic disability from migraine. In this issue's History column, Dr. Peter J. Koehler delves into the differences and similarities of the theories of brain and mind as proposed John Hughlings Jackson and Thomas Laylock.

Dr. Dafin Muresanu then reports on two recent successful conferences that occurred in Romania: the EFNR-WFNR Eastern Europe Regional Meeting and the National Neurology Forum. WFN Past President Dr. Raad Shakir, who is current Chair of the WFN Nominating Committee. reports on the activities and important responsibilities of the WFN Nominations Committee. Dr. Riadh Gouider, Dr. Grisold, Dr. Steven Lewis, and Dr. Imen Kacem describe the recent history of the WFN Educational Days and current planning for exciting upcoming Educational Days. Finally, the statements of all of the current candidates for WFN Treasurer and WFN Elected Trustee are republished/published in this issue, in anticipation of the upcoming voting by the members of the WFN Council of Delegates.

In closing, we look forward to seeing so many of you at the WCN in Montreal (in person or virtually) this October! And don't forget to sign your department up for the exciting Tournament of Minds. •

Steven L Lewis MDWalter Struhal MD

By Steven L. Lewis, MD, Editor, and Walter Struhal, MD, Co-Editor





President's Column

  • WCN 2023 and WFN Activities ⧉
    By Wolfgang Grisold

    The preparation for a WCN starts four years before the congress, when a new site is elected by the Council of Delegates (COD). The WFN is aware of how much effort goes into these site applications and bidding procedures and is thankful to all societies who make this effort. Yet, only one site is selected based on the needs of the WFN.

The WFN Committees and Speciaty Groups

World Congress of Neurology 2023

  • Join Us at the XXVI World Congress of Neurology ⧉

    The XXVI World Congress of Neurology (WCN 2023) will allow us to collaborate with thousands of peers from across the world, witness the best scientific and teaching programs and ground-breaking research. Taking place in Montreal, Canada, and accessible online, between Oct. 15-19, 2023, this event will offer many opportunities to broaden your knowledge and exchange ideas.

From the WFN

  • WFN Educational Days ⧉
    By Riadh Gouider, Wolfgang Grisold, Steven Lewis, And Imen Kacem 

    The World Federation of Neurology (WFN) has been working with regional organizations and with a collaboration of other international organizations to create free e-learning days for neurologists, residents in neurology, and other health care professionals around the world. The concept of these one-day educational events was boosted by the situation caused by COVID-19 pandemic, which suspended face-to-face conferences and regional teaching courses.


  • John Hughlings Jackson and Thomas Laycock: Brain and Mind ⧉
    By E.H. Reynolds, MD FRCP FRCPSYCH  

    Two historical neurology figures played huge roles in understanding functions of the brain and mind. The place of the Yorkshireman John Hughlings Jackson (1835-1911) in the history of neurology is well documented, so much so that he has been described as the father of British neurology by Critchley and Critchley (1998).

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