On 28 December, 2023, WFN President Prof Dr Wolfgang Grisold was honoured to be invited to serve as a member of World Health Organisation's (WHO) Support Group for the "Global Road Map to Defeat Meningitis by 2030" on behalf of World Federation of Neurology (WFN).

The composition of the Group includes representatives from Ministries of Health from each of the six World Health Organization (WHO) regions, representatives from six civil society organizations with regional and global representation, as well as donor representatives at global and regional levels, including bilateral or multilateral government agencies and philanthropic foundations.

The collective vision is "Towards a world free of meningitis", and has three visionary goals :

  1. eliminate bacterial meningitis epidemics;
  2. reduce cases and deaths from vaccine-preventable bacterial meningitis; and
  3. reduce disability and improve quality of life after meningitis due to any cause.

Key activities and milestones are:

  • Prevention and epidemic control;
  • Diagnosis and treatment;
  • Disease surveillance;
  • Support and care for people affected by meningitis; and
  • Advocacy and engagement.


The WFN looks forward to supporting WHO, the Technical Taskforce and its partners in the implementation of the Defeating Meningitis by 2030 Global Road Map, both globally and regionally.

We have been charged with an important role and are keen to champion the achievement of the road map objectives. We hope to strengthen the implementation of the Global road map, raise the profile of meningitis on the global health agenda and work towards the vision of a world free from meningitis.
Prof Dr Wolfgang Grisold, WFN President


Defeating meningitis by 2030: a global road map

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