January 13th marked the first official World Federation of Neurology Trustee meeting of the year under the new presidency of Wolfgang Grisold.

The current Trustees board is constituted of:


Wolfgang Grisold

Guy Rouleau

Guy Rouleau

Prof. Richard Stark

Richard Stark

Professor Alla Guekht

Elected Trustee:
Alla Guekht

Dr. Morris Freedman, MD, FRCPC

Elected Trustee:
Morris Freedman

Steven Lewis

Elected Trustee:
Steven Lewis
Acting Secretary General

The World Federation of Neurology Trustees asked Steven Lewis to be Acting Secretary-General, a position vacated by Prof. Grisold when he became President, which Dr Lewis accepted.

The Trustees also approved the appointments of Prof Riadh Gouider, Prof Marco Medina and Dr Chandrashekhar Meshram as Co-opted Trustees until the next Council of Delegates meeting.

Prof Riadh Gouider

Co-opted Trustee:
Riadh Gouider

Prof. Marco Tulio Medina

Co-opted Trustee:
Marco Medina

Dr Chandrashekhar Meshram

Co-opted Trustee:
Chandrashekhar Meshram


The roles and responsibilities of the WFN Trustees are expansive and include everything from creating educational programmes, to planning the biennial World Congress, and overseeing all WFN charity & fiduciary responsibilities.

The new Trustees all bring unique skills and experience as well as perspectives from their regions to the Trustee discussions and deliberations that will help guide WFN in the future. We are very pleased to have these leaders join the WFN Trustees, and are certain that they will have a positive impact on improving the quality of the WFN's activities to promote quality neurology and brain health worldwide.