For 2023, the competition is open for the categories
  • Pharmacology and pharmacotherapy
  • Psychiatry, psychology and neuropsychology
  • Experimental epilepsy research.
The following papers/documents are required
  • Proof of age: not yet reached the age of 45 on December 31st, 2022,
  • up to three scientific papers in English language which are published or accepted for publication
  • for papers accepted for publication a copy of the acceptance letter must be submitted
  • at least one of the papers must be from the period 2021 - 2022
  • an indication which of the three categories the applicant's research is referring to
  • a curriculum vitae.


The papers/documents can be uploaded after your application has been submitted to the MICHAEL FOUNDATION (see below).

Deadline for application: December 31st, 2022.


From 2023 the MICHAEL PRIZE will be awarded to three winners!

In the past, every two years 3 categories were named as fields of research, from which papers/publications could be considered for an award. Although this led to a broader range of applications, as desired, it also had as result that only one prize could be awarded at a time (even if it was sometimes shared) although many excellent applications had been submitted.

After careful consideration, the Board of Trustees, therefore, has now decided on the one hand to leave it at the 2-year cycle, but on the other hand, starting with the 2023 MICHAEL PRIZE, to award three prizes, one in each of three given categories. Each of the three prizes is endowed with € 15,000.

The MICHAEL PRIZE 2023 in its new and innovative version is kindly sponsored by UCB Biopharma S.P.R.L., which has graciously sponsored the award since 2006.



Awarded for the first time in 1963 to encourage epilepsy research in Germany, today the MICHAEL PRIZE is one of the most highly regarded international awards for the best scientific contribution to progress in the field of epileptology.

The MICHAEL PRIZE is awarded every other year, at the occasion of the International Epilepsy Congress, to young researchers who have not yet reached the age of 45 years.

Since 1963 (internationally since 1978), 73 researchers coming from 16 countries received the MICHAEL PRIZE. The list of award winners reads like the "who is who" of epileptology. Receiving the MICHAEL PRIZE as a recognition of their work is an important milestone for renowned researchers from Germany and abroad. It is also a motivation for them to continue their research.


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