Health reporters and the general public were invited to a live press conference via Zoom on October 6, 2021, at 1:00 p.m. CEST, hosted by the World Federation of Neurology (WFN) during the World Congress of Neurology 2021 (WCN). The media event discussed the importance of the acclaimed Brain Health Initiative, a WFN program built to change the global mindset regarding neurology and public health. The live session will focus on the vital role the neurologist plays in brain health awareness and advocacy.

The panel, led by Prof. William Carroll, president of WFN, featured a team of leading neurologists from around the world, including Dr. Wolfgang Grisold, Dr. David Dodick, Dr. Augustina Charway-Felli and Dr. Allan Ropper. The panel discussed the critical role neurologists play in changing the way society approaches brain health as a whole. 

“The Brain Health Initiative is intimately aligned with the World Federation of Neurology’s mission to foster brain health and quality neurology worldwide. We feel that it is essential for the interested public to be able to connect with the WFN and its constituent members in order to advocate and lobby for access to quality brain health and the means to obtain and maintain it. We hope that this campaign will inform the public and enable them to do so. It is essentially a call for advocacy around the world to increase the awareness and availability of quality brain health,” said Carroll, president of the WFN. 


  • William Carroll, professor of neurology at the Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Nedlands, Australia, and president of the World Federation of Neurology
  • Wolfgang Grisold, professor of neurology at the Medical University of Vienna, Austria, and secretary-general of the World Federation of Neurology 
  • David Dodick, professor of neurology at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Augustina Charway-Felli, secretary-general of the African Academy of Neurology, Ghana
  • Allan Ropper, professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts


The Brain Health Initiative is a multi-part series highlighting important elements of brain health, including reviewing the multiple conditions that fall under brain health, explaining global factors that impact brain health and highlighting inequities in brain health around the world. 

The first four segments are as follows: 


The fifth module, “The Vital Role of the Neurologist and Advocacy,” is being launched simultaneously with the press conference. 


About the World Congress of Neurology

The World Federation of Neurology’s World Congress of Neurology brings together leading neuroscientists and public health experts to turn research into action and emphasize the importance of brain health across the globe. The 25th Biennial conference occurred virtually from October 3 to 7, 2021, and was organized in association with the Italian Society of Neurology (SIN). 

About the World Federation of Neurology

The World Federation of Neurology represents 122 member neurological societies around the globe to foster quality neurology and brain health worldwide by promoting neurological education and training with an emphasis on under-resourced areas of the world. WFN supports the spread of research and clinical information in the pursuit of improvements in the field of neurology. With support from member organizations around the globe, WFN unites the world to allow patients greater access to brain health. For more information, please visit the WCN 2021 website at, find our live stream press conferences on Facebook at, on Twitter at or by searching using the tag #WCN2021.

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