PNS Education Courses

27 Jan 2024



PNS Teaching Course at the 2023 Ukrainian Association of Neruomuscular Diseases and Peripheral Nervous System Diseases

Neuromuscular diseases: on the verge of specialties with Peripheral Nerve Society Teaching Course

Saturday, 27 January 2024, 9.00-13.40 EET

Session Details

  • Differential Diagnostice of PNS Diseases – Raymond Price
  • Amyloid Neuropathies: Not to be Missed Treatable Neuropathies – Marcus Pinto, MD, MSc
  • What Happens in GBS? Updates on Guidelines and Novel Treatment – Thomas Harbo, MD, PhD
  • CIDP and Other Chronic Autoimmune Polyneropathies – Brett Morrison, MD, PhD
  • Charcot-Marie-Tooth and Other Hereditary Neuropathie – Brett McCray, MD, PhD
  • Diabetic Talk – Melissa Elafros, MD, PhD
  • Toxic Neuropathies – Ahmet Hoke, MD, PhD