Looking ahead: the future of MS management

21 Oct 2020 to 22 Oct 2020


The fourth triMS.online meeting will take place across two days on 21−22 October 2020 on the theme Looking ahead: the future of MS management

The triMS.online conference is a free, global virtual event that recreates an international conference experience by presenting attendees with the opportunity to learn about and discuss the latest research in the field of MS without the inconvenience and expense of registration or travel.

Building on the current knowledge of the management of MS during the COVID-19 pandemic, the scientific programme will focus on treatment optimisation and how the future of treatment for people with MS will be affected through the role of digital health and emerging therapies.

With a mixture of keynote presentations, plenary lectures, industry symposia and interactive Q&A and debate sessions, the faculty will deep-dive into the latest research and clinical insights across two days:

  • Day 1 - Tailoring MS treatment in the face of COVID-19
  • Day 2 - Current and emerging treatments for MS

triMS.online welcomes the submission of posters for this conference on the following topics:

  • Vaccination in MS
  • Management of MS during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Effect of comorbidities on treatment effectiveness and disease outcomes in MS
  • Digital health in MS
  • Combination therapy in MS
  • Anti-CD20 therapy in MS
  • Effectiveness of SP1R modulators in MS
  • Plasma cells as a therapeutic target in MS
  • Macrophage manipulation in the treatment and management of MS
  • The use of BTK inhibitors in MS
  • Pregnancy in MS
  • Role of B cells in MS


For more information contact info@trimsonlineconference.com or visit www.trimsonlineconference.com