International Clinical Research Conference on Ataxia-Telangiectasia 2012

21 Jun 2012 to 23 Jun 2012


Conference website:

Hosted by the A-T Society in association with the A-T Clinical Research Network, this conference brings together leading figures from within and beyond the fields of clinical science and translational research in Ataxia-Telangiectasia.

The conference will provide an opportunity to map progress in the many fields of current research and help identify priorities for future research and opportunities for collaboration.

The scientific programme includes the following sessions and confirmed speakers, session chairs in italics:

  • Introduction
    Yossi Shiloh (Tel Aviv)

  • Keynote presentation
    Malcolm Taylor (Birmingham)

  • Neurology, clinical aspects
    Anke Hensiek (Cambridge), Michel Willemsen, (Nijmegen) William Whitehouse (Nottingham), Tom Crawford (John Hopkins), Kate Sinclair (Brisbane)

  • Neurology, imagingKate Sinclair (Brisbane), Dorothee Auer (Nottingham), Peter Nestor (Cambridge), Nora Volkow (Brookhaven)

  • Stem cells and gene therapy
    Steve Jackson (Cambridge), Miguel Esteves (Massachusetts), Martin Lavin (Queensland), Alastair Wilkins (Bristol)

  • Pulmonary disease
    Andrew Bush (Imperial College), Jayesh Bhatt (Nottingham) , Maureen Lefton-Greif (John Hopkins), Sharon McGrath-Morrow (John Hopkins), John Shneerson (Papworth) ,

  • Immunology
    Howard Ledermann (John Hopkins), Liz McDermott (Nottingham), Andrew Exley (Papworth), Terry Fry (National Cancer Institute)

  • A-T and cancer
    Corry Weemaes (Nijmegen),  John Sandlund (St Jude’s, Memphis), Jan Loeffen (Nijmegen), Louise Izatt, (Guys Hospital), Malcolm Taylor (Birmingham)

  • Clinical Trials
    Richard Gatti, (UCLA), Claudio Pignata, (Naples), Luciana Chessa, (Rome), Andrew Bush (Imperial College), PaulWong (Anderson, Texas)

  • Clinical case studies
    Stefan Zielen (Frankfurt)


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