Global Brain Health Clinical Exchange Platform - Virtual Workshop

5 May 2023


A new programme of six workshops via the Global Brain Health Platform have been planned from now until July 2023.

The next Clinical Exchange workshop for 2023 will run on 5 May, 2pm (GMT):

Promoting intersectoral action for brain health

The World Health Organization has outlined the need for intersectoral action to improve brain health around the world - but how do we achieve this? Our chair, speaker and panel will discuss using intersectoral approaches in dementia, covering both the healthcare setting and community. We will describe practical approaches that can be taken with limited resource. 

Chair: Professor Mohamed Salama MBBCH, DTQM, PhD
Professor at the Institute of Global Health and Human Ecology, the American University in Cairo, Egypt.
Mohamed is leading the Egyptian Longitudinal Study of Aging to try to reshape the current understanding of aging. He obtained his medical degree in 1999 from Mansoura University, Egypt where he began his clinical training. He received his MSc in Toxicology in 2006 and through a DAAD scholarship his PhD degree in Neurotoxicology in 2011 through collaboration with Philipps University in Marburg, Germany.

Speaker: Professor Eléonore Bayen MD, PhD
Professor of Medicine at Sorbonne University and Director of the Neuro-Rehabilitation Department of Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital in Paris.
Eléonore holds a medical degree in Neurology (2008) completed with a qualification in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, and a PhD in Economics (2015). She has a dual background in Neurosciences and Health Economics. She has expertise in neurology, in cognitive impairment and in the management of complex disability situations. Her research focuses on synergistic patterns of social-economic and medical handicap and also the impact of multimorbidity in the process of loss of autonomy, including prediction-prevention of disability and of acquired vulnerability according to the ICF - WHO approach. To raise awareness of Brain Health Eléonore launched the MyBrainRobbie initiative in 2019, which aims to empower children and teenagers in the domain of brain health and, more broadly, promote equity in brain health in society at large; it has been translated in 7 languages.

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