3rd International Conference and Course on Neuromuscular Ultrasound

22 May 2014 to 24 May 2014


The aim of this meeting is to provide a unique and stimulating interdisciplinary environment focused developing skills and promoting the exchange of new information and ideas on peripheral nerve imaging.

This will be the third meeting of The International Society of Peripheral Neurophysiological Imaging, an international interdisciplinary society dedicated to the learning, understanding and teaching of neuromuscular imaging.

Neuromuscular imaging is growing rapidly due to developments in high-resolution ultrasound and MRI.  These technological advances are leading to entirely new possibilities for the assessment of nerve and muscle pathologies, while opening new opportunities for diagnostic precision and quality in patient care. The International Society of Peripheral Neurophysiological Imaging (ISPNI) is proud to be the only society dedicated solely to the advancement of neuromuscular imaging, offering the premier international conference in the field.

The program covers 2.5 days and is divided into both courses and lectures at basic and advanced levels. Basic sessions will provide you with a comprehensive insight into the essential principles of nerve and muscle imaging techniques, as well as neurophysiological assessment, and then, concentrate on imaging anatomy and pathology of the major nerves.  Advanced sessions will have a broad focus on image-guided interventions and small nerve imaging and interventional therapy.

Additional sessions will be dedicated to diagnostic imaging in generalized neuromuscular disease.  

Plenary lectures will be enhanced by live demonstrations with both volunteers and patients, and the workshops will allow you to perform and practice neuromuscular examinations under the supervision of experts in the field. A unique set of digital case presentations will complete your learning experience.


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