2022 Elections: Candidate Statement for WFN Elected Trustee

Chandrashekhar Meshram (India)

Chandrashekhar Meshram
Chandrashekhar Meshram

I am grateful to the Indian Academy of Neurology and the WFN for considering me worthy for the position of Elected Trustee.

Services to the WFN

I am indebted to WFN for giving me the opportunity to serve as Co-opted Trustee and as the President of Tropical and Geographical Neurology Specialty Group (TGNSG). In these roles, I have contributed to the mission of WFN "fostering quality neurology and brain health worldwide". Through TGNSG, I organized 16 webinar sessions on neuro infections and gave opportunity to trainees from different regions of the world to sharpen their clinical skills through interaction with the experts.  Our ongoing series "Inspiring People in Neurosciences" is a step in the same direction.  All these sessions are available on WFN website. TGNSG also provides monthly updates of Covid 19 for WFN website. I was also instrumental in getting the teaching sessions by Indian Academy of Neurology on WFN website. I have planned department visit program in India for residents from poor countries.

I have served in the Constitution and Bye-Laws Committee as a member for 3 terms  and for two terms in Scientific Program Committee of WFN. I took the challenge to resurrect Tropical Neurology SG by successfully organizing the first International Tropical Neurology conference in India in 2017. I was then given the responsibility as President of TGNSG. I was Co-Chair for INTROPICON II held in Brazil. TGNSG now is one of the most vibrant and active SG of WFN. Because of these activities, I was appointed as a co-editor for the special issue of JNS on Tropical Neurology, section editor of Encyclopedia of Neurosciences for the section on Bacterial and Fungal infections including Tropical diseases and Assistant Editor of eNeurologicalSci.

The World Brain Day is the most eminent public awareness initiative of WFN. The public education campaigns are close to my heart. I have been actively organizing World Brain Day activities and this year we have planned 100 such activities in India.  I am the coordinator for the National Brain Week in India for the last 8 years. I have published about 350 articles for public education including several in World Neurology.

The global burden of neurological diseases is massive and there is a shortage of neurologists to deal with it. Therefore, I have been organizing educational programs for general physicians and pediatricians.


There is a glaring inequality in neurology care and education worldwide. The developing and underdeveloped countries lag behind in both these aspects because of lack of resources.  WFN is making every attempt to help them catch up and I am committed to addressing it. We need to focus on the management and long-term care of neurological diseases in these resource crunch settings.  Collaboration with WHO and other societies is important for brain health. If elected, I look forward to implement recently adopted IGAP on Epilepsy and other neurological disorders.

The WFN board of trustees needs representation from developing countries. This need and a passion to work for the WFN are the reasons for standing for the post of an Elected Trustee. I would be grateful for your support.

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