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World Neurology: December 2020, Volume 35, No. 5

Published: 21 Dec 2020



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From the editors

Steven L. Lewis, MD, Editor, and Walter Struhal, MD, Co-Editor

Steven L Lewis MDWalter Struhal MD

World NeurologyWe would like to welcome you to the December 2020 issue of World Neurology, the final issue of this remarkable year. This issue begins with the exciting news from WFN President William Carroll about the recent decision by the World Health Assembly on Nov. 12, 2020, to adopt Resolution WHA73.10, calling for a global action plan to combat epilepsy and other neurologic disorders.

With regard to the WFN as a source of high-level global neurologic education, this issue features the article by Nobutaka Arai, head of the Laboratory of Neuropathology at Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science, whose website teaching neuroanatomic and neuropathologic concepts is available free to all neurologists worldwide and available as a link in the article and on the WFN website.

In addition, Prof. Riadh Gouider provides an exciting update and the successful statistics from the recent WFN/ AFAN e-learning Day, which took place in October and was attended by hundreds of neurologists worldwide.

Wolfgang Grisold, Claire J. Creutzfeldt, Gillian Mead, and Fergus N. Doubal provide their report on the recent teaching course they organized for the World Stroke Organization and European Stroke Organization on palliative care for patients with stroke, as an emerging and necessary development in the care of stroke patients.

This issue also offers an inspiring article, reprinted with permission from the Royal Society (https://www.rcplondon. eastern-sudan-professor-neurology) describing the journey of Prof. Osheik Seidi from Sudan.

In this issue's History column, Prof. Peter Koehler provides us with additional insights into the background and interests of the anatomist Sylvius, of aqueduct and lateral fissure fame.

In his column on WFN Committees and Specialty Groups, WFN Secretary- General Wolfgang Grisold updates us on the activities of the e-Communications Committee and the Aphasia, Dementia, and Cognitive Disorders Specialty Group of the WFN.

This issue also features a nicely illustrated and thoughtful report from the recent participant in the WFN department visit at St. Olav's Hospital in Norway, an opportunity created through the generosity of and wonderful planning from the Norwegian Neurological Association.

Finally, the issue concludes with a heartfelt obituary of Dr. Juan Rafael Santoni Mendoza, a father of Dominican neurology. We wish you all a happy and healthy 2021 and look forward to your reports and suggestions for articles in the new year! •



President's Column

From the WFN

  • First WFN/AFAN e-Learning Day

    By Riadh Gouider

    The World Federation of Neurology (WFN) and the African Academy of Neurology presented their first virtual one-day teaching course—the first WFN/AFAN e-Learning Day—took place from 8:45 a.m. to 6 p.m. (BST), Saturday, Oct. 10, 2020.

  • e-Communications Committee and the Aphasia, Dementia, and Cognitive Disorders Specialty Group

    By Wolfgang Grisold

    This column focusing on WFN committees and specialty groups has a dual purpose: • to inform and raise awareness on the important contribution of these groups for the functioning of the WFN • to raise interest among the readers for the work of the WFN, and perhaps find and recruit persons to work closer with the WFN, in the interest of neurology.


  • Sylvius and "The Quack"

    By Peter J. Koehler

    When reading the name Sylvius, most neurologists will think of neuroanatomic structures like the aqueduct and the lateral fissure of the hemispheres. Descendant from a Protestant family from northern France, Franciscus dele Boë (1614- 1672), also known as Sylvius, was born in the German town of Hanau, east of Frankfurt-am-Main.

Department Visit

  • St. Olavs Hospital, Norway

    By Dr. Abdoul Bachir Djibo Hamani

    I was honored to be accepted to do a department visit at the prestigious Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) at the St.Olavs Hospital in the Department of Neurology in Trondheim in Norway.

Around the World

  • Palliative Care for Patients With Stroke

    By Wolfgang Grisold, Claire J. Creutzfeldt, Gillian Mead, and Fergus N. Doubal

    During the World Stroke Organization (WSO)-European Stroke Organization (ESO) Congress, a teaching course on palliative care issues in patients with stroke was offered..

  • Essential Brain Anatomy & Neuropathology (EBA&N)

    By Nobutaka Arai

    The Laboratory of Neuropathology (LONP) in The Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science (TMiMS) has created a digital archive of normal and pathological images of the human central nervous system, and operates Essential Brain Anatomy & Neuropathology (EBA&N).

  • This Doctor Can: A Journey From a Bedwin Boy in Eastern Sudan to a Professor of Neurology

    By Prof. Osheik Ab'Asha Seidi

    I was born in a village called Aroma, named by the British for the nice smell of its naturally growing wild roses, in the northeast African country Sudan. My parents could barely read or write, as they did not complete primary school. The educational system in my country of origin, Sudan, was strong and free. So, despite my family's limited financial abilities, I was blessed by being able to make my way through primary, intermediate, and high schools successfully, eventually ending up in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Khartoum.

In Memorium

  • Dr. Juan Rafael Santoni Mendoza (1935-2020)

    By Prof. Anna Robles and Prof. Marco T. Medina

    Undeniably a father of Dominican neurology, Dr. Juan Rafael Santoni Mendoza was honest, teacher by vocation, tirelessly hardworking, researcher. He was devoted to his followers, but first of all to his patients. He gave us everything we expected from a great teacher and a great man.