Neurological Department Visits 

Due to the current COVID-19 Global pandemic the training programme may have to be cancelled/postponed at short notice.

WFN Department Visit Programmes give the opportunity to young neurologists from Africa or Central and South America to visit the Neurological Departments of another institution outside of their home country for 4 to 6 weeks.

The department visit programmes are made possible through cooperation between the WFN and national neurological societies and help to cultivate young neurologists' experience of national neurological systems in an international environment, meet new colleagues and foster future cooperation between the countries, universities, hospitals and departments.

2023 Applications

WFN – Austrian Neurological Society (OEGN): Department Visit Program in Austria 2023
[Deadline for submissions: 10 May 2023]

WFN – German Neurological Society (DGN): Department Visit Program in Germany 2023
[Deadline for submissions: 8 May 2023]

WFN – Indian Academy of Neurology (IAN): Department Visit Program in India 2023
[Deadline for submissions: 10 April 2023]


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WFN Neurological Department Visit Turkey 2016

(Left to right) Mr. Burak Tokdemir from the Turkish Neurological Society, Dr Atokè Mendinatou Agbetou from Benin, and Dr Maouly Fall from Senegal.


WFN Neurological department visit Norway 2016 Austria 2015

(Left to right) Kalpesh Deraji Jivan, MD, Bettina Pfausler, MD, and Ralmund Helbok, MD at the Innsbruck Medical University
(Left to right) Dr Marieme Diop and Dr Yohannes Debebe at the Nobel Prize Center in Oslo, Norway

In partnership with the Austrian Neurological Society

  • Hanna Demissie Belay, Ethiopia
    Medical University of Vienna, 2015
  • Kalpesh Deraji Jivan, South Africa
    Innsbruck Medical University, 2015
  • Dr. Ahmed Elkady, Egypt, 2017
  • Dr. Mohammed Rabie, Ethiopia, 2017
  • Dr Biniyam Ayele, Eygpt, 2017
  • Temesgen Damtew, Ethiopia, 2018

In partnership with Canadian Neurological Society

  • Giordani Passos, Brazil
    Montreal Neurological Institute, 2017
  • Vanessa Benjumea-Cuartas, Argentina
    Montreal Neurological Institute, 2017
  • Dr Natalia Herrera Marin, Columbi, 2018
  • Dr Claudia Marcela Guío Sánchez, Columbia, 2018

In partnership with German Society of Neurology

  • Samy Mohamed Lemine Daddah, Mauritania
    University Hospital of Ulm, 2016
  • Dr Aminou Tassiou Nana Rahamatou, Niger, 2017
  • Dr Martin Kaddumukasa, Uganda, 2017
  • Dr Biniyam Alemayehu, Ethiopia, 2018
  • Dr Salaheddine Mourabit, Dakar, 2018 


  • Dr. Daniel, Nigeria, 2017
  • Dr. Melka, Ethiopia, 2017
  • Dr Solomie Ayalew Tegegene, Ethiopia, 2018
  • Dr Wonga Matshikiza, South Africa, 2018

In partnership with Norwegian Society of Neurology

  • Izanne Roos, South Africa
    University of Bergen, 2016
  • Yared Zenebe, Ethiopia
    University of Bergen, 2016

In partnership with Turkish Neurological Society

  • Philip Babatunde Adebayo, Nigeria
    Istanbul University Cerrahpasa, 2012
  • Dr Mehila Zebenigus, Ethiopia
    Hacettepe University, 2012
  • Dr Obiabo Yahaya Olugbo, Nigeria
    Istanbul University Cerrahpasa, 2013
  • Abdullahi Ibrahim, Nigeria
    Gazi University of Ankara
  • Maouly Fall, Senegal
    Gazi University of Ankara Turkey, 2016
  • Atokè Mendinatou Agbetou, Houessou, Benin
    Istanbul University Cerrahpasa, 2017
  • Leonard Ngarka, Cameroon
    Selcuk University, 2017
  • Cyril Oshomah Erameh, Nigeria, 2018
  • Temitope Farombi, Nigeria, 2018
  • Yared Zenebe, Ethiopia, 2018
  • Bello Abiodun Hamzat, Nigeria, 2018

Coming Soon

France and Mexico department visits



WFN Teaching Centers in Rabat (Morocco), Cairo (Egypt), Dakar (Senegal) and Mexico

In partnership with the universities in Rabat, Cairo, Dakar and Mexico, training programs (3-4 years) and one-year fellowships in electrophysiology and epilepsy are also available.

More Information

  • Indian Academy of Neurology (IAN)
    • 2023
      Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER)

  • Montreal Neurological Institute and Canadian Neurological Society
    • 2022
      - The Neuro, McGill University
    • 2019 |2018 |2016
      - Montreal Neurological Institute

  • Turkish Society of Neurology
    • 2019
      - Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa
      - Hacettepe University
      - Selçuk University
      - Ege University

    • 2018 |2016
      - Istanbul University
      - Gazi University
      - Selcuk University

    • 2013
      - Istanbul University Cerrahpasa
      - Gazi University
  • Austrian Neurological Society (OEGN)
    • 2023  |  2022 | 2018
      - Medical University of Vienna
      - University of Graz
      - Innsbruck Medical University
      - University Hospital Salzburg

    • 2014/15
      - Medical University of Vienna
      - Innsbruck Medical University
  • The German Neurological Association (DGN)
    • 2023
      - University Hospital of the Heinrich-Heine-University of Düsseldorf
      - University Hospital of the Justus-Liebig-University Giessen
    • 2022
      - University Hospital Leipzig
      - University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein, Luebeck

    • 2019
      - University Hospital of the Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe-University of Frankfurt/Main
      - University Hospital (Klinikum rechts der Isar) of the Technical University of Munich

    • 2018
      - Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
      - Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz

  • The Italian Neurological Association
    • 2018
      - University of Naples
      - University of Trento

  • The Norwegian Neurological Association
    • 2019
      - St Olav’s Hospital, Trondheim University Hospital

    • 2017
      - Haukeland University Hospital


Special thanks to all the WFN members and trusted partners


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