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World Neurology May-June 2024


  • Infantile Spasms: Collaborating for Awareness, Management and Education

    Christina Briscoe Abath, MD, and Edmkeryma Acevedo, MD

    Partnerships could lead to new treatments and improved patient care.
    Although it has gone by many other names, infantile epileptic spasms syndrome (IESS) has been described since 1841. It is the most common infantile-onset epilepsy syndrome, and first-line treatments are over 40 years old. There has been consensus about the initial treatment for over a decade, as well as recognition that the lead time to standard treatment affects long-term developmental outcomes. Treatment initiation of first- line therapy is considered a priority for the clinical team.

  • From Animal Spirits to Brain-Computer Interface

    By Peter J. Koehler

    A look back at the relationship between electricity and the brain on the 100th anniversary of the first human EEG recording. This year marks the centennial of the first registration of a human electroencephalogram (EEG). Why is it that just a few hundred years ago physicians were still thinking in terms of animal spirits (spiritus animalis) flowing through cerebral ventricles and hollow nerves, when today we can create brain- computer interfaces to help disabled persons control their wheelchairs?


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Journal of the Neurological Sciences


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eNeurologicalSci (eNS)


  • Gender Parity in High Impact Neurology Journals

    Qaryouti D, Jibril O, Silva FD, Jain P, Gangu K, Sheikh AB.

    Eneurologicalsci. 2023 Dec 1;33:100476.

    Although female representation has been growing among physicians, women continue to be underrepresented in neurology, particularly regarding academic research in authorship and leadership. Analyzing recent trends in high-impact neurology journals highlights the underrepresentation of women and helps explore barriers to female representation in academic neurology.

    Women are significantly under-represented in the field of neurological research in leadership positions as editor-in-chiefs, editorial board members as well as first or senior authors in top neurology medical journals. With continued underrepresentation of women occupying leading publishing roles, parity with men is still a work in progress. Additional work is needed to identify and address barriers to academic advancement for women physicians in academic neurology.

  • Socio-Cultural Representation of Epilepsy at the Teaching Hospital of Point G, Mali

    Th C, Dicko OA, Sangaré M, Sissoko AS, Cissé L, Landouré G, Djimdé SO, Yalcouyé A, Coulibaly T, Karambé M, Maiga YM.

    Eneurologicalsci. 2023 Sep 26:100477.

    Epilepsy is a significant public health concern with psychosocial impacts, including fear, stigma, and misconceptions. These factors contribute to human rights violations and discrimination. The objective of this study was to describe the sociocultural representation of epilepsy in Mali.

    This cross-sectional descriptive study was carried out from April 2015 to November 2016 at the University Hospital of Point G. Patients with epilepsy were identified prospectively, and a questionnaire was administered to each patient and their parents.

    The sociocultural perception of epilepsy hinders evidence-based diagnosis and management in Africa. This study suggests a need to focus on raising awareness to change these misconceptions.


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