Prof Dr Wolfgang Grisold

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Prof Dr. Wolfgang Grisold

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Grisold is a specialist for neurology and psychiatry. In neurology he has a background in neuropathology and neurophysiology. Special interests are general neurology, neurooncology, neuromuscular disease, education and patient related issues as pain, palliative care and advocacy.

He is involved education, and has been the initiator of the UEMS European board examination in neurology.

He has experience in hospital practice, research and private practice. He has participated in EU projects on paraneoplastic syndromes. The scientific focus is the effect of cancer on the peripheral nervous system, in particular in peripheral neurotoxicity and the direct effects of cancer.

In neuromuscular disease he has experience with autoimmune diseases, in particular myasthenia gravis and inflammatory neuropathies. He works in an interprofessional setting in diagnosis and treatment of mononeuropathies including imaging (ultrasound) electrophysiology and also plastic and reconstructive surgery.

He has authored and edited 30 books, and his pubmed count is presently 279 (

He is involved in several international neurological societies and has organized several international neurological congresses. For the World Congress of Neurology  2013, in Vienna, he was the congress secretary. He is a trustee of the WFN since 2009 and was Secretary General from 2014-2021. Since 2022 he is the president  of the WFN.  His goals are the improvement of communication, the increase of impact of neurology worldwide, and the continuous evolution of the WFN in its global mission and role with an emphasis on educational projects.

Award on 1994), European Academy of Neurology (Special Service Award on 2018).

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