World Congress of Neurology (WCN)


Kyoto, Japan
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Santiago, Chile
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XXI WCN 2013

21 - 26 September 2013  |  Vienna, Austria
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XX WCN 2011 - With Africa, For Africa

12 - 17 November 2011  |  Marrakesh, Morocco 
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XIX WCN 2009 – Innovation in Neurology

24 - 30 October 2009  |  Bangkok, Thailand, hosted by The Neurological Society of Thailand
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Past International and World Neurological meetings

  1907 Amsterdam, the Netherlands


1st 1931 Berne, Switzerland President: Dr Bernard Sachs; Vice President: Sir Charles Sherrington; Secretary-General: Dr Henry Alsop Riley
2nd 1935 London, U.K. President: Dr (later Sir) Gordon Holmes; Honorary President: Dr Bernard Sachs; Secretary-General: Dr Samuel Alexander Kinnier Wilson
3rd  1939 Copenhagen, Denmark President: Professor Viggo Christiansen; Honorary President: Dr Bernard Sachs; 2nd Honorary President: Sir Charles Sherrington; 3rd Honorary President: Dr (later Sir) Gordon Holmes); 11 Vice-Presidents (incl. Dr Ludo van Bogaert)
4th  1949 Paris, France  
5th  1953 Lisbon, Portugal President: Dr António Flores; Secretary-General: Dr Almeida Lima); Honorary Presidents: Sir Gordon Holmes, Dr Georges Charles Guillain, Dr André-Thomas, Dr Théophile Alajouanine, Dr Egas Moniz
6th 1957 Brussels, Belgium  
7th 1961 Rome, Italy President: Mario Gozzano; Vice President: H.Houston Merritt; Secretary: Giovanni Alema
8th 1965 Vienna, Austria President: Hans Hoff; Vice-President: Franz Seitelberger; Secretary: Helmuth Tschabitscher
9th 1969 New York, USA  President:  H. Houston Merritt; Secretary-General: Melvin D. Yahr.  Treasurer: Morris B. Bender
10th 1973 Barcelona, Spain President: A. Subirana; Vice-President: I. Barraquer Bordas; Secretary: J.M. Espadaler
11th 1977 Amsterdam, the Netherlands  President: W.A. den Hartog Jager; Secretary: George Bruyn; Treasurer-General: A.P.J.Heijstee.
12th 1981 Kyoto, Japan President: S. Katsuki; Secretary-General: Tadao Tsubaki
13th 1985 Hamburg, Germany President: Klaus Poeck; Vice President: H. Gänshirt.; General Secretary: H-G. Mertens
14th 1989 New Delhi, India  President: Eddie P. Bharucha; Secretary-General: Jagjit Chopra
15th 1993 Vancouver, Canada  President: Henry Barnett; Secretary-General: Donald W. Paty
16th 1997 Buenos Aires, Argentina  President: Salomon Muchnik; Secretary: Leonor Gold; Treasurer: Lorenzo Bauso Toselli; Chairman of the Scientific Programme Committee: Roberto Sicca
17th 2001 London, UK  President: Ian MacDonald; Secretary: Christopher Kennard
18th 2005 Sydney, Australia President: William Carroll; Secretary-General: Geoffrey Donnan; Chairman of the Scientific Program Committee: Sam Berkovic
19th 2009 Bangkok, Thailand President: Niphon Poungvarin; Chairman: Kammant Phanthumchinda; Secretary-General: Somsak Laptikultham; Treasurer: Somchai Towanabut
20th 2011 Marrakesh, Morocco 

President: Mostafa El Alaoui Faris; 1st Vice-President: Chafiq Hicham; 2nd Vice-President: Mohamed Yahyaoui; Secretary: Maria Benabdeljil

21st 2013 Vienna, Austria  President: Prof Eduard Auff


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