WFN Medals – The Medal for Scientific Achievement in Neurology

Nominations may be made by WFN member societies or by individual members of a member society; they should be seconded by at least five neurologists, at least three of whom should be from other WFN member societies.

The nominated individual should have approved his or her nomination and the principal proposer should write a citation of no more than 300 words in support of the nomination.  The Medal Committee will be made up of the current President of the WFN and either two of his predecessors or two WFN Trustees of the President's choice.

The medal will be awarded during the next World Congress of Neurology.


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Award Recipients


Prof. Jerry Mendell


Prof. Jerry Mendell (USA)




Dr Mark Hallett


Dr Mark Hallett (USA)




Professor Angela Vincent


Prof. Angela Vincent (UK)




Professor Shoji Tsuji


Prof. Shoji Tsuji  (Japan)

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Alastair Compston.jpg


Prof. Alastair Compston (UK)

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Dr Richard Johnson


Dr Richard T. Johnson (USA)




Dr Roger Rosenberg


Dr Roger Rosenberg (USA)








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