WFN Specialty Groups (SG)

Formerly Applied Research Groups (ARG)

Environmental Neurology Specialty Group

President: Gustavo Román (USA)

Vice President: Şerefnur Öztürk   (Turkey)

Secretary: Mohammad Wasay (Pakistan)



The goals of the ENSG are to promote clinical research and education in all matters having to do with the adverse effects of environmental substances/events, including neurotoxins, upon the nervous system. These include, but are not limited to heavy metals, volatile hydrocarbons, and insecticides & pesticides. Humans may be exposed to these substances/events in industrial/occupations situations or as a result of terrorism.


Specialty Group Members

  • Anne-Marie Landtblom (Sweden)
  • Axel Siva (Turkey)
  • Hidehiro Mizusawa (Japan)
  • Jacques Reis (France)
  • lain Buguet (France)
  • Luis Alfredo Villa (Colombia)
  • Mustafa El Alaoui Faris (Morocco)
  • Najib Kissani (Morocco)
  • Noureddine Bengamra (Algeria)
  • Pascale Homeyer (France)
  • Peter Spencer (USA)
  • Riadh Gouider (Tunis)
  • Sarosh Katrak (India)
  • Teresa Corona (Mexico)