2012 Educational Grants

WFN Grants were awarded in 2012 to the following individuals or research groups:

  • Proposal for training grant for neuroimaging training for neurology trainees and neurologists in West Africa
Dr Aisha Umar USA
  • Visiting Professor
Dr Chongttin Tan Africa
  • Neurology Teaching in Zimbabwe
Dr Godwin Mamutse UK
  • Blaze EEG: A web based EEG platform
Dr Juriaan Peters USA
  • Parkinsons Disease Nurse Specialist
Dr Richard Walker UK
  • International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society Europe Section and WFN fellowship program for unservices countries in Africa
Prof Werner Poewe Austria
  • Neurology training for non-neurologists in Ghana
Dr Roberta Cilia USA
  • WFN Pan American Regional Proposal
Dr Marco Medina Honduras
  • International maternal newborn stroke registry
Dr Cheryl Bushnell and Dr Gabrielle DeVeber USA
  • Development of mobile clinic for neurological care in Haiti
Dr Lionel Carmant Canada


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