2011 Educational Grants

WFN Grants were awarded in 2011 to the following individuals or research groups:

  • Bringing EMG/ NCV Capacity to Zambia
Prof Masharip Atadzhanov Zambia
  • Educational Grant for Asian Neurology
Prof Ryuji Kaji Japan
  • Design a prototypic survey of diagnostic and managements capabilities for stroke which can be applied worldwide
Dr Aiyagari Illinois, USA
  • Revision of ICD 10
Dr Donna Bergen and Dr Raad Shakir UK
Dr Thomas Bak UK
  • Neurology Training in Afghanistan

    Click here to view Dr Wasay's final report on his project as printed in August's World Neurology (page 7)
Dr Mohammed Wasay Pakistan
  • Paediatric Neurology Electronic Tool
Dr Douglas Postels Michigan, USA
  • Training and Re-Training Child Neurologists
Dr Jo Wilmshurst South Africa
Dr Jo Wilmshurst South Africa
  • Neurological Education for Non Neurologists
Dr Barbara Scherokman Virginia, USA


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