Valeria Caso



Prof Dr Valeria Caso

Prof. Valeria Caso is a distinguished Consultant Neurologist renowned for her contributions to the field. She is prominent at the Stroke Unit of Santa Maria della Misericordia Hospital, University of Perugia. Her remarkable academic journey includes a myriad of accomplishments:

Degrees and Titles:

  • Italian national certification as a Full Professor in Neurology.
  • Acknowledged as a Visiting Professor in Neurology at the University of Belgrade.

Educational Background: She earned her medical degree from the University of Perugia. She specialized in Neurology with exceptional distinction, achieving a score of 50/50 with honors. She also enriched her knowledge as an ERASMUS research fellow at esteemed institutions such as Christian Albrecht University in Kiel, the University of Heidelberg, and the University of Zürich.

Research Prowess: Dr. Caso's research endeavors have encompassed diverse areas, participating in 20 multicentre trials in various capacities, including steering committees. She actively engages in international research initiatives focused on heart-brain interactions, intracerebral hemorrhage, and acute stroke treatment.


  • 2017: "Risultati ottenuti senza aiuti" award from Club Canova Roma.
  • 2017: "Premio della Critica del R.O.S.A." from Club Canova Roma.
  • 2018: "Premio Umbria in Rosa"
  • 2019: "Spirit of Excellence ESO Angels" award.
  • 2020: Inclusion in the esteemed "100 Esperte in STEM" group.
  • 2022: ESO Presidential Award.

Professional Leadership: Dr. Caso's professional leadership is exemplary, having served as Past-President of the European Stroke Organization (ESO) and as a Past President and Co-chair of the European Stroke Action Plan (2016-2018). She also contributes her expertise as a member of the ESO-EAST Steering Committee and as a Founding Member of "Osservatorio Ictus Italia." Notably, she is an Honorary Member of Société Française Neuro-Vasculaire (SFNV) and holds the position of treasurer at the WSO (World Stroke Organization) since 2022.

Contributions to Literature: Dr. Caso's influence extends to academia, with a prolific publication record exceeding 300 articles. Her scholarly impact is underscored by an impressive h-index 70 based on Google Scholar citations.


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