Dr Kay Cheong Teo

Optimizing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular outcome in ICH


Dr Kay-Cheong Teo

Dr. Teo received his medical degree from the University of Hong Kong in 2009, and is currently an Associate Consultant in Neurology at Queen Mary Hospital and an Honorary Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Hong Kong.

His expertise is in stroke and neurocritical care, with a research focus on Intracerebral Hemorrhage. Dr. Teo has been the principal investigator of the Intracerebral Hemorrhage cohort at Queen Mary Hospital since 2013 and is currently the deputy director of the HKU Stroke research group. He had worked as a visiting researcher at the Rosand Lab, Havard Medical School, under Prof. Jonathan Rosand in 2019.

He has multiple publications on Intracerebral Hemorrhage, including in Stroke and the Journal of the American Heart Association.