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World Neurology: January-February 2023, Volume 38, No. 1

Published: 18 Feb 2023



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From the editors

Steven L. Lewis, MD, Editor, and Walter Struhal, MD, Co-Editor

Steven L Lewis MDWalter Struhal MD

World Neurology - January-February 2023

By Steven L. Lewis, MD, Editor, and Walter Struhal, MD, Co-Editor

We'd like to welcome all readers to the February 2023 issue of World Neurology.

This issue begins with the President's Column, where World Federation of Neurology (WFN) President Dr. Wolfgang Grisold describes the many international activities being planned by the WFN this year, including the work done with WHO and the UN, World Brain Day 2023, and the exciting plans for the World Congress of Neurology in Montreal in October.

Dr. Orly Avitzur, current president of the American Academy of Neurology, provides a heartfelt memorial piece dedicated to the late AAN President Ralph Sacco, who passed away last month and who touched the lives of so many neurologists and patients and whose dedication to international relationships will be one of many long-lasting legacies of his countless accomplishments.

This issue also features an important notice by the WFN Nominating Committee with a call for nominations for the positions of WFN Treasurer and WFN Elected Trustee. In another announcement, Dr. Struhal describes the first pan-European university course on clinical autonomic neuroscience at Danube University, supported by the European Federation of Autonomic Societies. Dr. Carlos N. Ketzoian then reports on the highly successful Ninth International Course of Neuroepidemiology that took place in Erice, Italy, this past November.

In this issue's History article, Dr. Peter J. Koehler provides an informative and remarkably thorough overview of the historical dignitaries memorialized by the many named lectures at the World Congress of Neurology (WCN). Dr. Augustina Charway-Felli and Dr. Amadou Gallo Diop report on the outcome of the biennial Francophone contest held at the headquarters of the African and Malagasy Council for Higher Education, and the significance of this event with regard to growing the African neurological and scientific workforce with these successful candidates.

Dr. Vladimir Hachinski, a past president of the WFN, provides an overview of the importance of dementia prevention in global efforts to reduce the impact of this highly prevalent entity, which is increasing in overall incidence worldwide.

Four articles represent thoughtful and well-illustrated reminiscences by four young neurologists from sub-Saharan Africa who participated in the WFN Department Visit Programs in Austria (Graz, Innsbruck, and Salzburg) and Germany (Leipzig). We would like to add our deep thank you to the neurologic societies in Austria and Germany for their wonderful support, hard work, and attentiveness in making these observerships a success, increasing the exposure of high-level neurologic infrastructure to these young neurologists to inform and enhance their clinical practices.

Dr. Tissa Wijeratne and Dr. David Dodick (Co-Chairs of World Brain Day) and Dr. Lewis and Wolfgang Grisold next report on the plans for this year's World Brain Day 2023, which will be dedicated to "Brain Health and Disability. It will include collaborations between the WFN, our global regions, national neurologic societies, and the World Federation of Neurorehabilitation.

Finally, Dr. Richard Stark, WFN Treasurer and past chair of the WCN Tournament Committee, provides historical background about the Tournament of Minds at the World Congresses of Neurology (WCNs), with an announcement about this year's Tournament of Minds. The tournament will be held at this year's WCN in Montreal in October, welcoming and pitting department teams from around the world to compete in this exciting and well-loved component of the WCN.

In closing, we want to thank all readers for their interest in and attention to World Neurology. Please don't forget to sign up for your free subscriptions online at We sincerely hope everyone is marking their calendars, making plans to attend, and submitting their abstracts for the WCN in Montreal in October 2023. We look forward to seeing so many neurologists from around the world participate in this remarkable event. •



President's Column

  • An Important Year for Neurology
    By Wolfgang Grisold

    Welcome to this first issue of World Neurology in 2023. This newsletter is an important information instrument for the WFN, and each issue reaches at least 15,000 readers. I encourage members to use this instrument and submit news and important aspects regarding neurology in your region.

The WFN Committees and Specialty Groups

  • Nominating Committee Announcement 2023

    On behalf of the World Federation of Neurology, the Nominating Committee invites nominations for the positions of Treasurer (fouryear term) and Elected Trustee (threeyear term). This has a deadline of April 3, 2023.

Department Visit

  • My Experience at the Medical University of Graz, Austria
    By Seblewongel Asmare Seyoum

    I had the chance to participate in the department visit program of Austria 2022, which was organized in collaboration between the Austrian Neurological Society (OEGN) and the WFN. I stayed for four weeks in the beautiful and historic city of Graz, Austria. I had a lot of experiences and exposure during my stay.

  • My visit to Innsbruck Hospital, Austria
    By Heena Narotam Jeena

    Stimulating and eye-opening! If I were to neatly describe my experience at Innsbruck Hospital in Austria, this would be it. I am deeply indebted to the World Federation of Neurology and Austrian Neurology Society for providing me with the opportunity to take part in this African Initiative project.

  • Austrian Neurology Department in Salzburg
    By Daniel Ekhaeyouno Ezuduemoih

    Taking an academic voyage in medicine as a student and then a resident in neurology in a densely populated country like Nigeria with a teeming number of patients with neurological diseases has come with its own two sides of the same coin: one with knowledge-based learning driven by experienced teachers in a technology disadvantaged setting, where some neurological diseases are attributed to cultural causes for want of a better explanation.

  • Program at the Universitätsklinikum Leipzig, Germany
    By Prisca-Rolande Bassolé

    I am Dr. Prisca-Rolande Bassolé, neurologist from Dakar, Senegal. I would like to thank the World Federation of Neurology and the German Neurological Society for giving me this great opportunity to visit the department of neurology, Nov. 21-Dec. 16, 2022, at Universitätsklinikum Leipzig.

From WFN

  • World Brain Day 2023: Brain Health and Disability
    By Tissa Wijeratne, David Dodick, Steven Lewis, And Wolfgang Grisold

    For 2023, the WFN selected Brain Health and Disability, continuing our efforts to drive awareness for brain health, and also aligning with the WHO efforts to fight disability worldwide. Disability can be prevented, rehabilitated, and also needs to be under neurological care in chronic and chronic progressive diseases.

  • The Tournament of Minds at the World Congresses of Neurology
    By Richard Stark

    The Tournament of Minds has been a well-loved component of the world Congress of Neurology since 2001. The inaugural tournament was held in London in 2001. This set the tone for future events. The idea behind the tournament was to produce a series of questions on neurological topics with an entertaining as well as educational element. Member societies were invited to enter a national representative team of four neurologists.

Around the World

  • First Pan-European University Course on Clinical Autonomic Neuroscience
    By Walter Struhal

    The autonomic nervous system (ANS) regulates the synergistic action of all visceral organs and homeodynamic processes. ANS is involved in the course of many neurologic and systemic diseases. Recently, ANS involvement including postural tachycardia syndrome was identified to play a significant role in cases with post-COVID condition.

  • Report on the Ninth International Course of Neuroepidemiology: Methods and Clinical Applications
    By Dr. Carlos N. Ketzoian

    Last November, the ninth edition of the International Course of Neuroepidemiology: Methods and Clinical Applications took place in Erice, Sicily, Italy, with the WFN's endorsement. An historical first course of neuroepidemiology was held in San Miniato, Pisa, Italy, in 1981, and was organized by Prof. Bruce Schoenberg.

  • Growing the African Neurological and Scientific Workforce
    By Augustina Charway-Felli And Amadou Gallo Diop

    Nov. 12, 2022, marked the end of the biennial Francophone contest of the headquarters of the African and Malagasy Council for Higher Education (Conseil Africain et Malgache pour l'Enseignement Superieur [CAMES]). Congratulations to the 10 new African professors of neurology (and three psychiatrists) who were successful at the contest that concluded in Abidjan in Cote d'Ivoire.

  • Dementia Prevention: Can We Do Better?
    By Vladimir Hachinski, MD, DSC, FRCPC, FRSC

    The publication of the results of lecanemab for the treatment of early Alzheimer's disease has generated hype, hope, and questions.


  • Named Lectures at the World Congress of Neurology (WCN)
    By Peter J. Koehler

    Giving names to lectures has been a general phenomenon in various fields of society, including the humanities and sciences, since at least over 100 years ago. These may be public lectures or lectures presented for members of an association. Through the years, the World Federation of Neurology (WFN) started a tradition of named lectures at the WFN's World Congress of Neurology (WCN) and one may wonder, who were the people behind these names. What did they do to become well-known within the neurological community?

In Memoriam

  • Late AAN President Sacco Strengthened International Relationships
    By Orly Avitzur, MD, MBA, FAAN

    The untimely passing of Ralph L. Sacco, MD, MS, FAHA, FAAN, has saddened not only his colleagues at the American Academy of Neurology, where he served as president from 2017 to 2019, but the wider world of neurology as well. Sacco succumbed from a brain tumor on Jan. 17, 2023, at his home in New York with his family by his side.