Professor Teruyuki Hirano

Primary stroke prevention for Asian population: genetic, cultural and lifestyle differences


Professor Teruyuki Hirano

Professor Terry Hirano is the director of Stroke Center of Kyorin University Hospital, Mitaka, Japan.

After graduating Kumamoto University on 1988, he was trained at National Cardiovascular Center for 3 years with the mentorship of Dr Takenori Yamaguchi. He also studied under Professor Geoffrey A. Donnan at Austin and Repatriation Medical Centre, University of Melbourne. His research interests are clinical stroke neurology, acute stroke imaging, stroke genetics, acute medical and interventional therapies. He published more than 300 papers on peer reviewed journal.

He is currently appointed clinically as the vice director general of the Kyorin University Hospital, and, academically, Professor of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Medicine, and cuncurretly serve as Professor of Neurology at Kyorin University School of Medicine. He is a board member of World Stroke Organization, Japan Stroke Society, and Japanese Society of Neurotherapeutics.


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